WATCH: Bernie Sanders Makes MAJOR Announcement At Rally and Thousands Go Crazy

The mood at Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ rallies is always electrifying. Whether he’s in big cities like Chicago or in small town America, Sanders has taken the nation┬áby storm. This was all on display on Saturday in Wisconsin when Bernie Sanders made a major announcement and the crowd erupted.

Sanders was talking about his victory in Alaska to a crowd of thousands when he received a private message. Sanders then said:

“Alright, are you ready for a news alert? We just won the state of Washington! That is what momentum is about.”

That’s when the crowd went nuts. Sanders not only won Washington, but he won resoundingly in a record turnout where he picked up 73% of the vote. He also won big in Hawaii and received a whopping 83% of the vote in Alaska.

Sanders is clearly poised to beat Republican candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump in a general election as polls show him not only winning but landsliding the bombastic billionaire should the two face off in a general election. In fact, Sanders easily defeats all of the remaining Republican candidates head to head.

The electrifying support and enthusiasm Bernie Sanders has received all over the country just increased after his resounding and convincing victories in three states, making the race closer and his pursuit of the Democratic nomination more likely.

Watch video here:

Featured image via video screenshot.