Giggling Racists Praise Trump For The Growth Of White Nationalism In America (AUDIO)

This story is the perfect example of just how detached from reality the American right wing has become. Two white nationalists (read as: virulent racists) are so excited about how many new racists have come crawling out of the woodwork because of Trump, they can’t help but giggle over it:

On Saturday, [Jared] Taylor joined “Political Cesspool” host James Edwards on his program, where the two expressed optimism about the future of what Edwards called the “pro-white” movement, something that they attributed in part to Trump’s candidacy.

Edwards gushed about an “awakening happening within the spirit of our people” that was beyond his “wildest dreams” when he started his program.

Taylor said that he too was “hugely encouraged” by the growth of the movement, particularly among “young people” who have “grown up with it.” He described it as “a real sea change.”

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And I get it. If I were an openly racist scumbag, I would also be thrilled that so many closeted scumbag racists are coming out into the open. People like Taylor and Edwards have always insisted that they represent a “silent majority” of whites. Why, if there was only some way to bring them all out into the open, we could finally have the Second Civil/Race War that would forever establish American white supremacy!

In case you’re unfamiliar with the white supremacy movement and think I’m exaggerating, you must not know about The Turner Diaries, a wildly popular book among racists. Here’s part of the Wikipedia summary:

The novel ends with an epilogue from the year 2099, summarizing how the Organization continued on to conquer the rest of the world and how all non-White races were eliminated. Africa was invaded and all of its black inhabitants were killed. The Puerto Ricans (described as a “repulsive mongrel race”) were exterminated and the island of Puerto Rico was re-colonized by whites. When China begins an attempt to invade European Russia, the Organization launches a full-scale assault with nuclear, chemical, radiological and biological weapons which render the entire continent of Asia uninhabitable and rife with “mutants“. And in America, the last remaining non-white elements are hunted down as well as all individuals involved in organized crime (such as the mafia).

So, yeah, these are heady times for racists. Trump has made it OK for them to be out in the open and at political rallies. White power is on the rise!

But here’s the problem: It isn’t. At all.

White Supremacy needs to be hidden to work

America is a deeply racist county but racism flies in the face of everything we say we believe in: Equality, Fairness, Justice, etc. That means we like our racism to be out of sight, out of mind. In the 1960s, when White America saw hundreds of peaceful black protesters being savagely attacked by the police, they pushed back and the Civil Rights Act was passed. Lesson learned. Keep it on the downlow. Give white people the ability to deny that racism is a problem and they’ll happily ignore it. Shove it in their faces and they get really mad. Next thing you know, blacks have more rights and more justice.

How dreadful!

With the rise of Trump and his white nationalist army of violent thugs, the public is being exposed, once again, to widespread racism. Specifically widespread conservative racism (yes, liberal racism exists but we’re not fucking proud of it like conservatives are). The more preening idiots like Taylor and Edwards parade their hate in public at Republican rallies, the less plausible deniability the GOP has. Not for nothing, you don’t see neo-Nazis and the KKK coming out to support a Democratic candidate. Ever.

The corporate media has bent over backwards to under-report this fact but it’s getting harder to hide. Trump is drawing out the worst elements of America’s conservative movement for everyone to see. More importantly, that element will refuse to go back into the closet after Trump loses and fades from view. Republicans will be forced to loudly denounce the very racists they used to rely on or be permanently labeled as the party of white supremacy, an electoral kiss of death. Republicans will lose their racist base and the racists will lose their political party.

So even as Taylor and Edwards giggle at their “rising” power, they’re guaranteeing themselves a future as a marginalized voice in America politics and they’re going to cripple the conservative movement in the process.

Keep laughing, dumbasses. Keeeeeep laughing.

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