Planned Parenthood Shooter Just Revealed He Thinks President Obama Is LITERALLY Satan (VIDEO)

A lawyer for the Planned Parenthood shooter asked a judge on Thursday to give his client an easy “out” by sending him to a state mental hospital instead of allowing him to be properly punished for the multiple murders he committed during an attack on a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado last year. Robert Lewis Dear was celebrated by conservatives after the “warrior for the babies” declared “NO MORE BABY PARTS” as he opened fire in the facility. While some, like Ted Cruz, have portrayed Dear as a “transgender leftist activist” completely without reason and have attempted to shrug the attack off as a bank robbery gone wrong (there is a bank nearby, you see), the reality is that Dear was a right-wing construct — a manifestation of the hate speech and vitriol spewed by conservative politicians and media.

Dear, a hardcore Christian who believes “that as long as he believes he will be saved, he can do whatever he pleases,” has been a long-time enemy of Planned Parenthood. Dear is a man who praises anti-abortion fanatics who kill in the name of their cause as men who do “God’s work” by attacking abortion clinics, and this assault on the facility was not his first brush with the enemies of God at Planned Parenthood. More than 20 years ago, Dear put glue in the locks of a Planned Parenthood near his home at the time.

But it wasn’t until the Center for Medical Progress released fraudulent, heavily-edited videos depicting the health organization as an evil cabal that slices and dices fetuses and sells the “baby parts” for profit that Dear because truly radicalized like his idols in anti-abortion extremist groups.

Apparently having been deemed unfit to serve as his own attorney as he requested, Dear appeared in the courtroom Thursday and dropped another revalation about what is going on inside his head: He literally believes President Obama is the antichrist. Reuters reports:

Dear, a South Carolina native who has declared himself guilty and a “warrior for the babies” in previous courtroom outbursts, was ordered by the judge in December to submit to a mental examination after he demanded to fire his public defender and act as his own lawyer.

Entering the courtroom for Thursday’s proceedings, shackled and dressed in lime green jail garb, the bearded defendant was heard to say, “The Hebrew word for lightning is ‘barak,’ like Barack Obama,” but the meaning of his comment was not known.

‘Barak’ means lightning in Hebrew.

Reuters may be unsure why he would say such a thing, but we here at Addicting Info are well-versed in insane right-wing conspiracy theories. Since about 2008, numerous videos have floated around claiming that the Bible prophesied that Barack Obama is either the antichrist or Satan, depending on which the producer of the video thought sounded scarier — a meme that filled a niche among the truly crazy in society who desperately want ton believe that the black guy in office is evil.

It is unclear where the idea first originated, but one early source is a post on Free Republic that explains that “baraq” means “lightning” in Hebrew. The post then jumps to the Bible to prove that Obama is Satan:

Passage Luke 10:18: 18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning (baraq) fall from heaven.

Another world figure named Barack is already in control of over 100 NUKES! The minister of Defense of Israel is named Barack!

The New Testament records Jesus saying LIGHTNING, or Barack in Hebrew, only three times! Luke 10:18 is clear. SATAN is BARACK or Lightning!

In Matthew 24:27, Jesus explains how his “coming” will be connected to LIGHTNING (Barack)!

Matt 24:27 “For as the Lightning (Barack) cometh out of the east and shineth unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be!”

The Greek word translated as “For” in this verse is gar (Strongs Greek word 1063). Click KJV usage link:

This word can also be translated as SEEING or WHEN. So seeing Barack or when Barack comes from the east and shines unto the west is a TIMING EVENT for the “Coming of Jesus”!

Barack Obama grew up in the “East”, in the country of Indonesia! His political career is now about to shine upon the West, the United States!

Can it be, the “Coming of the Son of Man” is nigh?

According to New Testament verses, Lightning or Barack is SATAN and his travels from the East in Indonesia to his accession to the throne of power in the West, the United States, signals the “Coming of the Son of Man”!

In Luke 17:24, Jesus once again uses Lightning (Barack aka SATAN) for a timing prophecy of his “Coming”!

Once again, the Greek word gar (Strongs Greek word 1063) is translated as “for”. However, it is also “seeing” or “when”. So, Luke 17:24 can also be read as: “Seeing/when lightning (Barack) comes out of Heaven… so shall also the Son of man be in his day!”

So, Jesus used Lightning (Barack in Hebrew) to literally describe SATAN! He then tied his “Coming” to the appearance of “Barack” or Lightning aka SATAN! Many political pundits describe the charisma of Barack Obama as “Messianic”! Perhaps they should read their Bibles closer and see it instead as SATANIC CONTROL!

Many videos push this theory, and some even expand on it, explaining that “from the heights” translates as “U Bam-Maw.” That’s right — “I Saw Satan As Baraq U Bam-Maw.”

Pretty desperate stuff, right?

Dear is crazy, but only in the same sense that Cliven Bundy and Sarah Palin are crazy. Does he rave like a madman? Of course — but did you see Sarah Palin’s Trump endorsement? They sound about the same. He is simply a man who was spoon-fed so much propaganda that he felt he had no choice but to take up arms against Planned Parenthood and end abortion by himself. After all, was the big, evil government going to do it? Dear simply wanted what all conservatives want: to load up their truck with firearms and go to war with Obama’s (Satan’s) evil agenda. Dear did exactly what conservatives regularly say they want to do, nothing more and nothing less.

The shooter faces multiple felony offenses in the shooting, which he and many others on the Right feel is completely justified. His only hope of seeing daylight again is if his lawyer manages to convince a judge that he is more than garden-variety cray.

Watch a report on the latest developments below: | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo

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