After Brussels Terror Attack Republican Senator Renews Call For Religious Tests For Refugees

Always eager to use a tragedy to erode the Constitution, immediately after the terror attack in Brussels, Republican Senator Tom Cotton renewed calls to pick out the “safe” refugees and let them come to America. What makes them “safe?” Why, they’ll be Christians, of course!

“I think the U.S. has a moral imperative to try and save these Christians and the other small minority groups,” he said. “So I would create a special kind of visa program that wouldn’t take any access away from anyone else in the United States, but would recognize that Christians — like Jews in the Soviet Union — are being singled out for persecution and elimination. That’s in our interest, as it is in combating the Islamic State.”

That is, of course, total bullshit. ISIS has been slaughtering Muslims by the thousands for not being extreme enough. Sure, they’re killing every OTHER religion they find, but the majority of their violence is reserved for their fellow Muslims.

Curiously, Cotton seems to be lacking any and all empathy for them. Almost like he doesn’t consider Muslims to be people. That’s really the only way to talk about “moral imperatives” while ignoring the bulk of the victims of religious violence.

That must be why he was one of the numerous Republicans that demanded all Syrian refugees be turned away from the United States – including children that were accused of being tiny terrorists. Where was his “moral imperative” then?

Of course, once this proposal fails, Cotton will hold it up as “proof” that Christianity is under attack in America. Don’t you see? The only POSSIBLE reason for not granting special privileges to Christians must be that liberals are trying to wipe out Christians! There’s no way the Constitutional and (actual) moral prohibition against treating any one religion as superior (or inferior) could be involved.

I wish I could say that this is an isolated incident but the two leading candidates for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, were just as repulsive in the wake of the attack. One insulted the stricken city of Brussels and the other attacked Islam and Obama. Very classy.

By comparison, Tom Cotton almost seems like a human being instead of a callous monster.

Featured image via AI archives.