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Ted Cruz Has A Sickening New Plan For America’s Muslims And It’s Even Worse Than Trump’s

If ever there was a reminder that Sen. Ted Cruz is NOT the Republican Party’s “reasonable” alternative to Donald Trump, it’s in his response to the Brussels terror attacks. Losing badly to Trump, Cruz is clearly feeling the pressure to capitalize on the tragedy to win some crucial votes – so he’s gone all in on xenophobia, totalitarianism, and religious persecution. A hate cocktail sure to fire up his base.

In a statement he released on Facebook, Cruz calls for the establishment of ghettos where America’s Muslims can be contained and watched over by a specialized law enforcement group meant to police them. If that sounds a little to “Nazi-esque” for you, Cruz preemptively accused his critics of just being too “politically correct” to agree with him.

Here’s Cruz’s terrifying vision for his presidency:

We need to immediately halt the flow of refugees from countries with a significant al Qaida or ISIS presence.

We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.

We need to secure the southern border to prevent terrorist infiltration.

And we need to execute a coherent campaign to utterly destroy ISIS.

In other words, Cruz is plagiarizing Trump’s “ban all Muslims” position, but adding that the Muslims already in the country should be “secured” in specific neighborhoods “before they become radicalized.” He doesn’t bother clarifying how he would hope to accomplish this. Nor does he mention how he could legally target Muslims who had done nothing wrong just because his prejudice tells him they might some day.

Being “Lying Ted” Cruz, he also couldn’t help but spread a little misinformation about President Obama as well. Using the president’s historic trip to Cuba as a strawman, Cruz bashed him for being on a diplomatic trip while Brussels was attacked, adding that Obama never visited Paris after the terror attacks there. It was an egregious lie, so shameless that a simple picture could debunk it.

Needless to say, Muslim activist groups, who have watched in horror as hate crimes directed at Muslim Americans has steadily grown thanks to people like Cruz, were not amused by this latest call to trounce the Constitution based on hate and fear.

“It’s really beyond belief that you have one of the leading presidential candidates calling for law enforcement to target religious communities totally based on the fact that they are of a particular faith,” CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said by phone. “In normal times, this would be the sort of thing that would disqualify someone from running for dogcatcher, much less president of the United States. We call on voters to reject this.

Undoubtedly, terrorism is a serious problem. But the solutions to it need to be much more mature than the Republicans seem to want to believe. Totalitarianism doesn’t work – and never has. Discriminating against innocent Muslims because of a twisted death cult based in the Middle East is not only doomed to fail, but could backfire in ways that Cruz and Trump can’t fathom from their “build a wall” childish ideology.

Between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, it’s hard to say who the bigger xenophobic bigot is. Both are consumed by a hatred towards scapegoated groups they hope to exploit in order to ensure people vote for them. At this point in the race, the two Republican frontrunners aren’t just mirroring each other’s disgusting policies, but actually driving one another to make them more abhorrent. A nuclear arms race of bigotry in a crucial moment in America’s history.

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