Watch Elizabeth Warren DESTROY Donald Trump in Epic Tweetstorm (TWEETS)

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) lit into Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump with a series of tweets. Warren hammered away at Trump, calling him a “loser” and accused him of engaging in “petty bullying, attacks on women, cheap racism, flagrant narcissism.”

Warren is hugely popular and influential with Democrats and liberals, and her series of tweets targeting Trump is seen by some as a sign that the primary season is effectively over and that the general election has begun.

Here are Warren’s tweets:

Warren’s tweets all hit at what are considered soft spots for Trump. He has boasted about his huge wealth, but numerous reports indicate that his net worth is considerably exaggerated. From Trump biographer Timothy O’Brien:

On a single day in August 2004, he told me his net worth was $4 billion to $5 billion, then revised that later the same day to $1.7 billion. Forbes said at the time he was worth $2.6 billion. A year later Donald told me he was worth $5 billion to $6 billion, but a brochure left on my nightstand at his Palm Beach resort said he was worth $9.5 billion.

The tweets also discuss Trump’s sexism, which appears to be one of his major Achilles’ heels. When Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly pointed out his history of demeaning women, he complained she was bleeding out of her “whatever,” and still months later has referred to her as “crazy,” which drew an uncharacteristic rebuke of a Republican from the right-wing propaganda network.

Perhaps most importantly, Warren is indicating to the mainstream media and other Democrats that Trump’s racially motivated campaign won’t be off limits to criticism. So far, Republicans have largely avoided hitting Trump on his offensive language towards latinos and Muslims, as well as towards black activists (he called for protesters to be punched). The Democrats largely have no interest in courting the racists that dwell in the base of the GOP, and have no such restrictions on what they can say in the general election.

It looks like the fight is truly on.

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