Anti-Trump Protesters Pepper Sprayed AGAIN (VIDEO)

While I don’t believe Donald Trump can possibly win a general election against a coma patient, much less Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, I am growing concerned with how eager the police seem to be to attack his detractors. From arresting peaceful protesters after THEY were physically assaulted to pepper spraying protesters for little to no reason, the police appear to be casting their votes early:

In a video uploaded to YouTube, police can be seen attempting to shove protesters behind barricades as a a chant of “F*ck Trump” can be heard.

Officers can also be seen moving through the crowd taking pictures as the protesters are pushed from multiple directions.

According @Lukewearechange, who uploaded the video, police did resort to pepper spray and arrests were being made.

Here’s the video the police shoving the protesters back:

Considering the police have been almost completely ignoring the escalating violence of Trump’s Brownshirts, it’s worrying how quick they are to arrest and abuse anti-Trump protesters. At what point will they do their jobs and protect ALL citizens, not just the conservative ones?

The biggest question is going to be this: When Republicans figure out how to deny Trump the nomination and his cult members riot, will the police treat THEM like they treat liberals or will Right Wing Privilege kick in? I’ve been trying to think of a SINGLE time that the police have pepper sprayed conservative protesters. I personally watched a group push past barricades and march right up to the steps of the Capitol and the police did exactly nothing. Sure, they kept them from going any further but I also saw how the police treated the Occupy Wall Street protesters and they would have been hosed down with pepper spray before they got within 200 feet on the building.

It makes you wonder just how much support from the police a President Trump would have if he declared martial law and suspended the Bill of rights.

Featured image via screen capture