Cliven Bundy Denied Bail Because He’s A Violent Lunatic

Cliven Bundy, the leader of the Moron Militia Movement that has been threatening to kill government officials since 2014 is going to rot in a jail cell until he’s convicted and sent to federal prison for the rest of his miserable life:

A federal judge in Nevada refused rancher Cliven Bundy’s latest request on Thursday to be freed from jail ahead of his trial on conspiracy and other felony charges for his role in a 2014 armed standoff with federal agents, a spokeswoman for prosecutors said.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Carl Hoffman Jr. ruled at a hearing in Las Vegas that Bundy, 69, posed a danger to the public if released, U.S. Attorney spokeswoman Natalie Collins said in an email statement.

Damn right he poses a danger! This is a man that fancies himself a “Sovereign Citizen” which means he literally does not recognize the legitimacy of the federal government. He knows, KNOWS, that he’s going to be convicted for his numerous crimes which includes the aforementioned threatening to kill government officials, extortion, trying to join a group of domestic terrorists at the laughably doomed Oregon “uprising,” and a host of other serious charges.

After the feds walked away from the Nevada standoff that started all of this in 2014, Bundy obviously assumed that his right wing privilege would continue to protect him. “Right Wing Privilege,” if you don’t already know, is the ability to break the law in ways that would normally provoke an immediate and extremely violent reaction from the authorities if anyone BUT a right winger were to do it. For instance, if Occupy Wall Street had said they would shoot any cops that tried to arrest them, the police would have rolled a tank through Zucotti Park, guns ablazin’. If a black person had been photographed training a sniper rifle on a federal agent, his life would be measured in minutes. But as long as it’s an angry right winger nut job, it’ll take a few years, if ever (that sniper guy is still on the loose) to arrest them.

Cliven Bundy is quite aware that he will spend the rest of his until-now privileged life in jail. There is little to no chance that he won’t decide to follow LaVoy Finicum’s path to suicide by cop and martyr himself for “Freedumb” if released on bail. Judge Hoffman is absolutely right to keep Bundy off the streets and the same should go for his two idiot sons, Ammon and Ryan.

It wouldn’t be a question of IF he would get himself killed, it would be a question of WHEN and how many more morons he would get to follow him to their “glorious” deaths against the “tyrannical” government.

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