This Video Just Proved That Ted Cruz Is Even Creepier Than You Thought (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz is creepy. Really creepy. So creepy that his own daughter shies away from him when he tries to force a kiss on her. According to Cruz’s former college roommate, he would “leave a greasy film on everything” he touched — a substance dubbed “Cruhz” by people who hated him, which is pretty much everyone who has ever met him. Cruz, a man who used to hang out outside women’s dorms in a paisley robe, is deeply disturbing in many ways (including his face, the unsettling nature of which has been the subject of study among neurologists). Even his own wife has trouble faking a kiss for the cameras:cruz_kiss_miss

But have you seen that weird thing he does with his mouth after applause breaks?

On thursday, Gawker released a video compilation of the moments following applause breaks during Cruz’s Super Tuesday victory speech, though they note that “if you look back at pretty much any speech Ted Cruz has given during his presidential run, every last applause line is punctuated with this bizarre, stifled, lip-biting smirk.” This weird facial tick — almost as though he is attempting to smile ‘like the humans do’ (on Grebulon 5, this would be interpreted as a challenge to a duel, so it does not come naturally to the Texas Senator), or keep something inside him from escaping.

It is the stuff of nightmares.

Cruz’s mouth recently made headlines when something did escape during a recent debate — a throat booger that Cruz eagerly slurped back into his mouth after it landed on his lip.

Staring at Ted Cruz’s face for more than a few seconds at a time is nearly impossible without sustaining severe damage to the eyes, brain, and liver, under normal circumstances. But after watching this video, even those few seconds can be a nauseating experience.

Watch the video below:


Featured image via screengrab