Lightning Struck Trump Tower As Polls Closed On Super Tuesday (VIDEO)

As the polls closed for the Republican primary on Super Tuesday, Illinois experienced a phenomenon that could only have been captured by being in the right place at the right time: the moment lightning struck the Trump tower in downtown Chicago.

Instagram user @mrmikeyv posted a video of this coincidental, once-in-a-lifetime event, captioning the clip perfectly by writing, “Lightning storm ironically hitting the Trump building on #supertuesday.” Polls were closing just as this force of nature occurred, revealing that the business mogul had taken Illinois as a win, as well as Florida and North Carolina. Clearly, mother nature wasn’t happy about that.

This ironically-timed, strange message from mother nature was a result of a major storm in northern Illinois, which resulted in approximately six tornadoes that damaged several houses and a church. The Super Tuesday polls revealed that Trump got 38.8 percent of the vote in Illinois, along with 49 delegates from the state.

Despite running a campaign based on bigotry, violence and some of the most extreme rhetoric a presidential campaign has ever seen, Trump has been unstoppable — even though he hasn’t proposed one solid solution that will actually “make America great again.” Trump has risen above negative reports about lawsuits from his failed businesses, his awful misogynistic track record with women, support from white supremacists, and constant flip-flopping and lies. Still, he’s continued on to defeat every single one of the GOP’s incapable-yet-better-than-Trump candidates aside from Ted Cruz and John Kasich, although they probably don’t stand a chance against the front runner. America is getting desperate for ways to end this Trump nightmare once and for all.

Perhaps it was divine intervention that caused the sky to open up and rain down on Illinois as Trump won yet another state, striking one of the candidate’s precious towers in disappointment. Unfortunately, the Trump Tower still stands and was barely phased by it. Trump is also still standing, running for the GOP nomination, and winning.


Featured image via Instagram screenshot and Flickr