Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Explains Why He Keeps Saying, “I’m A Feminist”

During a United Nations Summit in New York City today focusing on women, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explained why he is going to keep saying he is a feminist.

“I’m going to keep saying loudly and clearly that I am a feminist, until it is met with a shrug,” said Trudeau. “Why does every time I say I’m a feminist, the twitterverse explodes and news medias pick it up. It shouldn’t be something that creates a reaction. It simply is saying, I believe in the equality of men and women and I believe that we still have an awful lot of work to do to get there.” Trudeau added, “”It’s just really, really obvious that we should be standing up for women’s rights and trying to create more equal societies. Like, duh.”

Trudeau won election in October 2015 after a stunning comeback from third in the polls. He famously appointed an equal number of men and women in his cabinet, and cited his reasoning for doing so, “because it’s 2015.” During the summit, he called on World leaders to follow Canada’s lead when appointing their own cabinets.

“Any world leaders who tell me ‘I’d love to, I just can’t do that with the current configuration of our parliament or of my party’, I say: ‘Well, what are you doing to change that configuration and draw out those extraordinary women who can be leaders that we need?’,” he told the crowd.

His party, the Liberal Party, also recouped a majority in the Canadian Parliament. His election also inspired an increase of voter turnout by 7.4 percent to 68.5 percent. Trudeau won election on a campaign platform of progressive reforms, such as increasing taxes on the wealthy and dramatically improving infrastructure. Trudeau has also given warm welcomes to Syrian refugees arriving in Canada to seek asylum.

Just last week, Trudeau met with President Barack Obama to promote ties between Canada and the United States, and to announce joint efforts to combat climate change. Trudeau’s predecessor, Stephen Harper, as an aggressive proponent for the oil industry and did not share the same values in fighting climate change Trudeau and Obama do.


Featured image courtesy of Flickr