HOT MIC: Hillary Clinton Caught Ridiculing Trump And His Lackey Chris Christie (AUDIO)

Hillary Clinton’s recent appearance with Chris Matthews for a town hall special turned out to offer far more entertainment than progressives who frequent the station on their dial could have possibly hoped for. While the town hall itself was riveting, with Clinton answering tough questions about Iraq, Libya and other matters of foreign policy and national security, one particular commercial break offered some candid moments the former senator and secretary of state didn’t expect to be public.

Alas, the mic was hot, so we get to enjoy a bit of the Hillary we don’t see on the campaign trail often enough. Clinton tries to take the high road when the lights are on and the cameras are rolling, declining to comment in-depth on the Republican race in an insulting or derogatory way in most instances. Sure, she gets her digs, but this was a special moment we have the privilege of enjoying.

They chatted about Trump and the media circus surrounding him. Clinton commented that “you guys sure do like to cover him.” Matthews acknowledged that there is a lot of coverage of the fodder that is the┬áTrump campaign, but that most of his network’s audience are progressives, to which Clinton added, “They like to laugh at him.” That is so true. Those of us who spend our days sharing the world of politics with our readers can’t help but cover the buffoonery of Donald Trump┬ábecause the alternative is to create more uneducated voters who believe a career in reality TV qualifies a giant orange Cheeto to be president.

The conversation also included some solid jabs at Chris Christie. Secretary Clinton, seemingly unsure as to why Christie would even consider backing Donald Trump, asking Wallace if he had heard anything about a debt he may have owed. It’s a perfectly logical assumption that Wallace dismissed with a more obvious answer: he wants a seat in the Trump administration.

Listen to the audio below, courtesy of The Washington Post:

Featured image from screen capture