White Trump Supporter Violently Attacks Muslim And Hispanic Students In Kansas

This racist literally committed the hate crime in the name of Donald Trump.

On Saturday morning, Khondoker Usama and his friend were getting gas for their vehicle at a Kwik Shop in Wichita, Kansas when they saw a white man hurling obscenities at a black man. Upon seeing Usama and his friend, the man focused on them.

“Then suddenly it turned onto us, calling us ‘brown trash, go home. Trump will win,’” Usama recalled.

“You want to live in this country, you better leave,” the man warned Usama and his friend, who is Hispanic.

Usama stood up to the bully and told him, “This is my country; who are you to tell me that?”

That’s when the white man became violent, according to the Wichita Eagle.

The exchange was heated, Usama said, and he tried to defuse the situation, but his friend got punched and taken to the ground. He said he tried to get between the attacker and his friend but then was pushed himself. He thought he saw the attacker reaching for his pocket and feared he had a weapon, he said, so he backed away and called 911.

“He kept kicking the student who was laying on the ground,” Usama said. “He was kicking him; it was a gut-wrenching scene. He saw that I was calling the police and got back on his motorcycle and circled around us and was saying ‘Trump, Trump, Trump, we will make America great again. You losers will be thrown out of the wall.’

Usama says he didn’t know the man who attacked him and his friend, but he also doesn’t “know why anyone would do anything so hateful and so wrong to any individual.”

This isn’t the first time a Trump supporter has physically assaulted a person of color, although many of the incidents usually occur at Trump rallies.

In North Carolina last week, a white Trump supporter sucker-punched a black man being led out of the rally by security. At the same rally, another white Trump supporter slapped a back man and yelled obscenities at him.

And Trump rallies in St. Louis and Chicago nearly turned into race wars as white supporters hurled obscenities, racial epithets, and threats of violence towards protesters. Some protesters were even assaulted. Yet Donald Trump claims no one has gotten hurt at his rallies and he has called for more violence.

As for Usama, he urged others to speak up if they find themselves being verbally or physically assaulted.

“There may be other people who are fearing the same thing. So this is really important in the times we are in, the challenges we are facing as minorities in this country; we better get united and we better speak up.”

Make no mistake, Donald Trump and the Republican Party are responsible for these racists and their actions. His white supporters literally think they are entitled to be assholes toward minorities and Trump only makes them feel bulletproof and immune to prosecution because he has said he would pay for their legal defense if they get arrested for assault or hate crimes.

If Trump becomes president, this is what his America will look like. An America where white racists have free reign to harass and attack people of color at will because they have the blessing of the White House to do so. That’s a scary and dangerous America to live in.


Featured image via YouTube