Here’s How Lying Trump Supporters Turned A Random Protester Into ‘ISIS’ (TWEETS)

Donald Trump and his supporters are absolutely crazy. There is video that has surfaced from a rally from this weekend with his supporters doing a Hitler-esque salute and telling reporters to go to Auschwitz, and of course we all know about the outbreaks of racist violence. Well, the one that really takes the case is how Trump and his supporters have managed to make a great part of his ignorant base believe that a protester who rushed the stage is somehow connected the terrorist group ISIS.

The protester, identified as 22-year-old college student and activist Thomas DiMassimo, is in no way tied to ISIS. However, Trump and his supporters have plowed on with this ridiculous and untrue theory. Trump was questioned about the spreading of this lie on a recent edition of Meet The Press, when the shutting down of his Chicago rally due to violence was addressed. He gave his usual crazy and uninformed answer, and said, “All I know is what’s on the internet.”

So, we have a guy who literally is winning the race to be a presidential nominee who lies all the time and admits to believing everything he reads online. That’s scary as hell, to say the least. He even tweeted out the fake video created by his lying fans:

Journalist John Harwood tweeted this ridiculous travesty:

Of course, we also know that Trump is now threatening protesters with arrests that will “ruin their lives” if they exercise their First Amendment rights against the hateful environment of his rallies as well. His supporters are also still steadily spreading the lie that DiMassimo is an ISIS supporter, though the FBI has thoroughly debunked that claim. The edited video that they used to promote that dangerous nonsense was actually of the young man at a protest that had nothing to do with ISIS. DiMassimo says of his reasons for rushing Trump on stage and taking the disorderly conduct charge:

“We must nonviolently shut down every Trump rally. We must stop this violent, foolish man from taking this country and destroying it.”

Thomas DiMassimo is absolutely correct. Trump is America’s Adolf Hiter, and the really scary part is that a lot of people are too blinded by bigotry, hate, and fear to see it.

Featured image via video screen capture from Addicting Info archives