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‘Family Values’ GOPer Sexually Harasses Intern, No Longer Can Have Interns

Social conservatives run campaigns and win elections on platforms of so-called “family values.” Often, though, it turns out that these supposedly pure people are anything but. Case in point — Cheektowaga, New York lawmaker Angela Wozniak.

This particular gem has now been forbidden to have interns after conducting an extramarital affair with one. After the young man, Elias Farah, shut the affair down, Wozniak began sexually harassing him. She also make his job a living hell, and kept him from attending and participating in events. After all of this came to light, a panel committee consisting of both Republicans and Democrats was formed to address this grossly and obviously improper conduct. Ultimately, it was decided that Wozniak was guilty of “incredibly poor judgment” in conducting this affair and her behavior after it was over. There was, however, no way to prove on a legal level that Wozniak created a “hostile work environment” or sexually harassed Farah.

Despite the lack of legal evidence, though, the investigating committee is now going to look into Wozniak’s office every six months going forward. Also, her attempts to go after her accuser have luckily backfired, as she ironically ran for office after a Democratic opponent, Dennis Gabryszak, resigned over his own sexual scandal. A potential November Democratic opponent, sums up Wozniak’s hypocritical behavior perfectly:

“She ran on a platform of family values based on the conduct of her predecessor. I hope to restore voters’ confidence in their government and be a leader they can be proud of.”

And that is the problem with these holier than thou “family values” types. They make literal careers of condemning other people’s lives and modes of living, all the while doing in private just what they preach against in public.

No one would care if these people didn’t try to pretend to be above the rest of us. But, since they do — good riddance to yet another “family values” hypocrite. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Angela Wozniak is forced to resign.

Featured image via video screen capture from Raw Story