‘Dilbert’ Creator Scott Adams Says Comparing Trump To Hitler Is Racist

The man behind the lovably hapless office drone “Dilbert” has a few things to say about Donald Trump – and they are a doozy.

In a post on his blog, cartoonist Scott Adams blasted people who dared to compare Donald Trump to German dictator Adolf Hitler, describing the comparison as “racist” against German people.

Can we agree that calling the candidate with German ancestry “Hitler” is racist? It sure feels that way to me. I’m about half German, same as Trump. And it feels like a racial insult to me.

I’m not easily offended, but I don’t see any other way to interpret the incessant Hitler analogies directed at Trump. If he were female and Asian – with exactly the same policies – would we be comparing him to Hitler every five seconds?

I don’t think so.

There are, of course, a few things wrong with Adams’ analysis: “German” isn’t a race, Hitler wasn’t German, comparing one person with German ancestry to an infamous tyrant isn’t “racist”, the list goes on..

But more to the point, Donald Trump wouldn’t be an Asian female, because Donald Trump’s policies – at their core – appeal to white supremacists who would never consider voting for a woman of color. The kind of hate-fueled rhetoric that makes Trump soar in the Republican polls is at the expense of minorities, women, and other disadvantaged groups. You know who else used prejudice and scapegoating to fire up his supporters? Adams sure can’t think of anyone!

However, Adams believes that Trump is actually the anti-Hitler, because – and this is pretty astounding – Trump is actually “pro-minority.” But only the “minorities” Adams considers worthy:

  • Veterans (who Trump has repeatedly mocked and exploited)
  • Aborted babies (which by definition aren’t affected by Trump’s rise to power)
  • People without healthcare (what?)
  • Trump’s daughter (Okay, seriously, what?)
  • White people who lost their jobs to immigrants
  • gun owners

What Adams doesn’t mention are actual minorities, including Hispanics that Trump described as “rapists” or African Americans, who have been repeatedly violently attacked at his rallies. The minorities Adams counts are mostly just aggrieved white people who want things their way and are upset that President Obama won’t give it to them.

What about the Muslims Trump suggested should be banned? Adams agrees that’s discrimination, but says they deserve it.

Trump has indeed suggested discrimination against incoming Muslims. But I think you have to see this situation as a special case because Sharia law is incompatible with the Constitution of the United States. And conquering infidels is part of the Islamic belief system in some corners of Islam. If we can’t tell the good people from the bad, it boils down to national security and risk-management.

Hilariously, Adams concludes by begging his readers to instead try to compare Hitler to people like “Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and Gandhi.” He claims it’s “easier than you want to believe.” He doesn’t explain how.

Despite all of this lunacy, Adams says he isn’t endorsing Trump for president, but only because the Republican front-runner “scares” people too much to effectively bring the country together. However, he is optimistic that Trump could “persuade” people not to be afraid of him using his “deal-making” skills. If that happens, Adams seems to think Trump would be an awesome president. Just ask all those “minorities” he mentioned.

Featured image via ibmphoto24/Flickr