Trump Made Nasty Comment About Nancy Reagan’s Looks – Can’t Go To Funeral Now

Earlier this week after the death of Mrs. Reagan was announced, the GOP (including Trump) came out to show their full support for Ronald Reagan’s spouse. It’s customary, for sure – and Trump was no exception. He (of course) had nice things to say calling her: “the wife of a truly great president” and “an amazing woman.” He’s fighting to win the Republican nomination — he has to say these things.

Yet — in a bombshell new report that was just dug up by POLITICO and obtained from the archives of columnist Liz Smith’s off-the-record interview with Trump in 2004 from The University of Texas at Austin, Trump made some truly nasty comments about her. And — you can bet there’s no way he can show his face at her funeral now. If he was invited, he was just uninvited.

The transcript runs 68 pages long, but here are the parts of the interview that are truly damaging for Trump:

Smith: I’ve been invited to go to Ronald Reagan’s funeral. I’m debating about going.

Trump: Do you like her?

Smith: I did. I do like her. I think she’s….

Trump: You know, I respect that she was so loyal.

Smith: She’s, I don’t think she was terribly smart. She’s not a smart person.

Trump: I never heard that statement that you didn’t think she was that smart.

Smith: I don’t believe she’s very smart.

Trump: That’s very interesting.

Smith: She had really trivial….

Trump: She was never very beautiful. That’s for sure.

Smith: No, she wasn’t great. She was pretty. But not great.

Why Trump thought it was necessary to comment on the former First Lady’s appearance is beyond us, but her looks somehow seemed to matter. This is revealing for how Trump views women in general and their worth. Despite what he said about Mrs. Reagan, though, he had nothing but good things to say about Mr. Reagan’s appearance.

“President Reagan, on the other hand, was truly a handsome man.”

Even though Trump is trying his best to invoke Ronald Reagan’s name to gain influence with potential voters, it’s probably important to note that Mrs. Reagan herself wasn’t a fan of Donald Trump. It’s been reported that one of her last words were: “Do not vote for Donald Trump.” If true, the voters aren’t listening. And — it’s one reason why the GOP has splintered into two and is in the disarray that it’s in now.

According to a nurse, identified as Althea Thoone, she said:

“She watched all the [GOP] debates. She was very alert and kept up with all the news and current events, especially about the election. She said no true Republican would cast a vote for Donald Trump.

She was not happy at all because I don’t believe she thought Donald Trump was a real Republican. She took a turn for the worse after the [11th] debate when he started talking about his private parts, and all that other nonsense about Mitt Romney getting down on his knees.”

So, nasty comment or not, it doesn’t look like Trump would have made a very good guest at the funeral. Hillary Clinton, however, will be there. What does that tell you?

Featured image via Wikimedia.