Scooby Doo’s ‘Mystery Machine’ Involved In Crazy 100 MPH Getaway

File this one under: WTF?!

A woman driving a van painted to match “The Mystery Machine” van from the Scooby Doo cartoon decided that solving crimes was for squares and led the police on a high-speed chase in California (NOT Florida as we would normally expect). I imagine bystanders saw the well-done replica (it even has funky hubcaps) flash by with cop cars in pursuit and wondered if someone was making a movie. reports:

Shasta County Probation Department officials contacted the Redding Police Department about a subject violating their probation sometime around 12:50 p.m. Sunday. The woman was identified as Sharon Kay Turman, 51, of Redding, Sgt. Ron Icely said in a news release.

Officers spotted Turman in a 1994 Chrysler Town and Country minivan at California Shasta streets, but she fled south in the vehicle when officers tried to pull her over, said Icely.

Amazingly, the 22-year-old minivan got up to speeds of 100 miles per hour during the pursuit. Even more amazingly, despite having zero concern for the safety of anyone else on the road, Turman managed not to kill anyone, although she did blow through an intersection and almost hit four cars in the process.

The police called off their pursuit, presumably to allow Turman to stop fleeing in a blind panic and to avoid a fatal car accident. Instead, they followed her with a helicopter:

The CHP helicopter kept surveillance of Turman’s vehicle as she continued west toward Highway 36, where she was spotted abandoning the vehicle in northwestern Tehama County. Her whereabouts were unknown Sunday afternoon, police said, but her vehicle was later found and impounded.

It’s not clear what crime Turman was on probation for but if the police were willing to let her escape rather than risk a fatal accident, it’s very likely it wasn’t a violent offense.

But if you live in or near northwestern Tehama County, keep a look out for empty boxes of Scooby Snacks and this woman:

Sharon Kay Turman

Sharon Kay Turman

Turman is wanted by the Redding police and Shasta County probation. Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts can call the Redding Police Department at (530) 225-4200 or Secret Witness of Shasta County at (530) 243-2319.

Featured image via Madidon Wade’s KRCR News twitter feed.