Joe Biden Told A Joke To President Obama About Ted Cruz That Will Have You On The Floor (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz isn’t the most likeable guy out there – you’ve probably heard this before. And it’s not just the media being the media trying to make him look bad – there’s a reason Senator Cruz has virtually no endorsements from any of his fellow senators in Congress. It’s because the accusations are true; not that many people like the guy, plain and simple.

That being said, Vice President Joe Biden made everyone’s night (at Ted Cruz’s expense) at the Annual Gridiron Dinner on Saturday when he capitalized on this sentiment by telling the crowd a joke he told to President Obama behind closed doors:

“Ted Cruz? An inspiration to every kid in America who worries that he’ll never be able to run for President because nobody likes him.

I told Barack, if you really, really want to remake the Supreme Court, nominate Cruz. Before you know it, you’ll have eight vacancies.”

OUCH. That one has got to sting.

That’s not the only joke the vice president made, but is probably the most memorable. The event, held in Washington D.C. is a place where the press and politicians come together every year and, basically, just roast each other. It’s supposed to be in good fun – in much the same way you’re used to at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

Biden also took a few jabs at Trump, as well. One made fun of former Speaker of the House John Boehner’s fake (orange looking) tan:

“Donald has attacked every person of color – except John Boehner.”

Chris Christie (if you’ve been keeping up with the news) has been getting some serious flak for the way he looked standing behind Donald Trump during a press conference last week, so Biden joked about that, as well. Chris Christie swears he wasn’t being held captive by Trump, but just take a look at that FACE (in the video below).

“But folks, on a serious point, Trump said he likes ‘people who don’t get captured. What a terrible thing to say about my friend and a genuine war hero, John McCain.”

So tonight I call on Donald Trump to be a man of his word – and release Chris Christie right now.”

Vice-President Biden is a man known for saying what’s on his mind. Sometimes he gets in trouble for it but most of the time he just makes us laugh. That joke about Ted Cruz was a good one.

Featured image via Wikimedia.