Trump Goes Wild, Makes Racist Remark About Obama (VIDEO)

Flustered by a series of protesters, including one just a few feet away from him that the candidate decided to stand up and single out by pointing, Trump told his audience, “we have a terrible president who happens to be African-American.”

Here’s the video of the moment.

Trump went on to promise his diehard supporters that “we have a divided country folks,” and that “there has never been a greater division” that exists in America today. Trump also claimed he was upset about “the hatred, the animosity” in the country, and promised, “I will bring people together.”

The comments come a day after Trump backers physically harassed “Black Lives Matter” protesters at a rally in New Orleans.

The remarks also come less than a week after Trump refused to denounce the support of the Ku Klux Klan and former Grand Wizard David Duke during an interview on CNN.

The White Power/White Nationalist movement has expressed a high level of support for Trump, especially due to his promise to build a “beautiful wall” on the U.S. – Mexico border. Other white nationalists have said that Trump is their preferred candidate, and in return the campaign has given press credentials for white power radio shows to broadcast from his campaign rallies. His son, Donald Trump Jr., even gave an interview to a radio show alongside a white nationalist who favors a return to slavery.

Trump’s embrace of the racist movement has been condemned by both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

It has also become a problem for so-called “establishment” Republicans, who fear that a candidate so directly connected to the movement will spell disaster for them in the fall election. They dislike that Trump has said in public what has often been said behind closed doors with hushed tones.

Featured image via YouTube