Trump Campaign Org Co-Chair Taken Into Custody By FBI For Conspiracy Against The United States

Donald Trump’s Co-Chair of the “Veterans For Trump” Coalition in New Hampshire, Jerry Delemus, was just arrested by the FBI on nine charges, including conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States.

Jerry Delemus, a significant component of Trump’s campaign effort to attract veterans, is a Tea Party activist who made trips to take part in the Bundy Ranch stand-off. According to the indictment being brought against him, Delemus was “a mid-level leader and organizer of the conspiracy who, among other things: recruited, organized, trained and provided logistical support to gunmen and other followers and organized and led armed patrols and security checkpoints.”

Delemus’s connection to Trump is certainly a factor, but it’s also damaging to the Republican party as a whole. Jerry’s wife, Susan Delemus, is a GOP lawmaker in the state of New Hampshire’s House of Representatives. News of the incident first broke when Susan called Jack Kimball, the former chairman of the New Hampshire GOP to let him know that the FBI was raiding their house. Here’s what Kimball wrote on Facebook:

“She said that the FBI just rolled up with lots of vehicles and Agents who were in tactical gear. They forced their way into Jerry Delemus and Sue’s condo with weapons drawn and arrested Jerry and took him away.”

Currently, the FBI is not taking questions on the matter and is asking that anyone needing more information to get in contact with the Department of Justice. As of right now, the U.S. DOJ has not gotten back in touch with local newspaper Portsmouth Patch, who reported on it first.

Here is a list of the charges Delemus is currently being faced with:

  1. Conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States.
  2. Threatening a federal law enforcement officer.
  3. Obstruction of justice.
  4. Attempting to impede or injure a federal law enforcement officer.
  5. Several firearms charges.

In addition to taking part in the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Preserve in Oregon, Delemus was a security team member on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.

Even though these charges are quite serious (and factual) it’s likely the right is going to chalk this up as retaliation for being either 1) a Trump supporter or 2) because of their anti-government beliefs.

Delemus’s wife had already been an outspoken proponent of big government and lying politicians, even before the FBI ransacked her home. That is, everyone but Trump. You may remember her face from a recent CNN survey she did, in which she professed her ardent support for the man:

“We’ve got people in positions of power who I know for a fact are liars. Liars! I watch the TV — My president comes on the TV and he lies to me! I know he’s lying. He lies all the time.”

This is Delemus’s wife:

No, Delemus was not arrested because of his “Trump” beliefs. If that was the case the FBI would have hauled her crazy ass off with him and thrown her in a jail cell, too.

Featured image via screen capture.