Fed Up Republicans Threaten Third Party Option If Trump Is The Nominee

I’ve been saying for a long time now that the Republican Party was on the verge of splitting — and I was right. Sort of. I always assumed that the establishment would control the party with an iron fist and the Tea Party white supremacists would abandon the GOP to form their own White Power party. But with the rise of Donald Trump, it looks like the establishment is going to abandon the party and run a candidate that’s not a raving sociopath:

Spurred by Donald J. Trump’s mounting victories, a small but influential — and growing — group of conservative leaders are calling for a third-party option to spare voters a wrenching general election choice between a Republican they consider completely unacceptable and Hillary Clinton.

While he has gained intense popularity on the right, Mr. Trump has alienated key blocs in the Republican coalition with his slash-and-burn campaign. For many, his initial refusal last weekend to disavow an endorsement from David Duke, the white supremacist, was a breaking point.

“Breaking point” my ass. The only problem conservative leaders have with Trump’s racism is the overt nature of it. Republicans have relied on white resentment for 50 years to win elections, but they’ve had to keep it concealed lest they get publicly torn apart for being the party of old white racists. The corporate media was happy to promote this fiction but Trump is making that impossible. THAT’S the real problem Republicans have with Trump. That, and he’s an uncontrollable buffoon, unlike George W. Bush who was the perfect puppet for the 1% to manipulate.

But think about it for a moment: The conservative movement is so appalled by their own front-runner that they’re going to deliberately sabotage their own party to keep Trump out of office. The lunatics have officially taken control of the asylum.

William Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine, said he would work actively to put forward an “independent Republican” ticket if Mr. Trump was the nominee, and floated Mr. Sasse as a recruit.

“That ticket would simply be a one-time, emergency adjustment to the unfortunate circumstance (if it happens) of a Trump nomination,” Mr. Kristol wrote in an email. It “would support other Republicans running for Congress and other offices, and would allow voters to correct the temporary mistake (if they make it) of nominating Trump.”

Kristol is many things, but stupid is not one of them. He knows full well that running another conservative would hand the election to the Democratic nominee on a silver platter. The fact that the presumptive nominee is Hillary Clinton, the most hated woman in the conservative world, doesn’t even seem to be a factor.

Max Boot, a foreign policy adviser to Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, said that if efforts to block Mr. Trump fell short, he would vote against a Republican nominee for the first time in his life.

“I would sooner vote for Josef Stalin than I would vote for Donald Trump,” said Mr. Boot, who expressed optimism that Mr. Trump could still be defeated. He added: “There is no way in hell I would ever vote for him. I would far more readily support Hillary Clinton, or Bloomberg if he ran.”

I wonder how the frothing masses of Hillary Clinton hating liberals will take this kind of news? One of their most precious narratives is that Trump will easily beat Clinton because Republicans hate her more than anything therefor she can’t be allowed to be the nominee. So much for that myth. Also, it wasn’t true in the first place:

Defections of any scale could prove lethal to Mr. Trump. He already trails Mrs. Clinton in general election polls, and polling already shows the possibility of mass desertions from the party. A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey this week found that 48 percent of Republicans who do not already back Mr. Trump said they would probably not or definitely not support him in November.

When asked about the possibility of a revolt from the not-completely-insane wing of the party, Trump replied with his typical 4th grade eloquence, “They’ll just lose everything, and that would be the work of a loser.”

Oddly, a third party would actually hurt the Democrats in the general election. While it would deliver us the White House with ease, it would bring out voters would have otherwise stayed home in disgust. They would almost certainly vote down ticket, making Senate, House and local elections harder to win for Democratic candidates. On the other hand, it would represent a schism in the Republican Party they might not be able to recover from so it’s hard to know if we should be cheering this plan or not.

Featured image via Cagle.com