This One Tweet Explains How Close Trump Is To Destroying America

Americans like to sit back and smugly announce that the kind of sectarian violence and civil war we see tearing apart the Middle East could NEVER happen here because (insert snooty tone),”We’re Not Savages.” Just look at how they voluntarily follow leaders that make crazy promises and use violence to intimidate and silence dissent! We’re nothing like that.

Except when we are.

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Trump comes off as little more than a wannabe dictator that encourages his followers to violence, yet he still has millions of followers. This leads us to a painfully insightful tweet from one Hend Amry, a Libyan refugee:

Suddenly, we’re not quite so superior anymore, are we? The Bush presidency showed us that Americans would happily reject the rule of law, morality and basic decency if we were angry and scared enough and someone promised us retribution and safety. Now imagine decades of deprivation and fear and anger being harnessed by ruthless leaders interested in absolute power. Would we really be any better? History answers with an unequivocal “No.” See: KKK takeover of Oregon, History of.

But Amry continued to drive home the point:

It may not be a comfortable truth to face but Trump is appealing to the anger and fear generated by a slow economic recovery and changing demographics. If America were to suffer another massive economic meltdown or 9/11 level terror attack, (mostly white) people would flock to the loudest voice promising safety and strength. That’s how countries fall under the control of violent lunatics.

Amry’s tweets should be a wake-up call to both the people that smugly denounce the Muslims as “violent” as well as Americans blindly following a narcissistic sociopath off a cliff.

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