‘Pro-Life’ Republican Blocks Food For Children

Meet Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL). He’s a Jesus-lovin’ Christian that supports massive military spending while simultaneously opposing feeding hungry children.

No, seriously. It’s too expensive to spend $1.2 billion a year to feed 20 million kids but the $600 billion a year on war is A-OK with him:

“The administration knows their proposal to expand this program to the tune of $12 billion over 10 years is simply not feasible in this budget climate and through the annual appropriations process,” Aderholt said.

The summer food benefits program is designed to fill a food gap for children who rely on free- and reduced-price school meals for much of their nutrition. After small pilot programs in a handful of states over the past four years, administrators are confident that even a $45 monthly benefit during the summer months can reduce severe food insecurity among low-income children by 30 percent. A nationwide program would benefit 20 million children each summer once fully operational, according to White House estimates.

It gets worse. Not only does the program have bipartisan support, Aderholt is literally the only person blocking it.

Just to make clear what a total dick move this is, Aderholt is staunchly amti-abortion and a strong believer in the “sanctity of life.” Unless, apparently, that life is out of the uterus and needs food. Then Aderholt is just fine with letting them go hungry. ThinkProgress has a comprehensive explanation of why feeding hungry kids now should be society’s top priority as well as more of Aderholt’s hypocrisy here.

Only a Republican could single-handedly block feeding 20 million children suffering from food insecurity and still, with a straight face, claim to be “pro-life.”

On the other hand, Aderholt has explicitly opposed trimming the bloated military budget to pay for “uncontrolled domestic program spending.” So uncontrolled spending on bombs is good but uncontrolled spending on food for the poor is bad.

Republican Jesus must be so proud.

Featured image via Sodahead