Trump Gets ANNIHILATED On Immigration At GOP Debate In Must-See Video (VIDEO)

For months, a debate has raged: Is 2016 hopeful Marco Rubio a robot, or isn’t he? Thursday’s GOP debate might prove once and for all that we were wrong about Rubio. It’s unclear what happened — maybe someone upgraded his operating system or maybe, just maybe, he is a flesh-and-blood person. But whatever he is, the Florida Senator wiped the floor with The Donald in a must-see catfight.

It’s unclear what got into Rubio. Maybe someone installed Windows 10. Maybe he got a good night’s rest for once. Perhaps one of his supporters shared their crack pipe. We’ll never know. ┬áIn any case, Rubio was on fire during a surprisingly animated catfight with the billionaire bankruptcy expert (To be clear, he didn’t blow a fuse; this was meant figuratively).

During a discussion regarding Trump’s promised Wall (with a capital “W”) that will now be 10 feet taller thanks to a brilliant “f*ck you” from former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox,┬áRubio unleashed his inner…something:

“If he builds his wall like he built Trump Tower, he will be using illegal immigrant labor to do it.”

After the two rambled simultaneously for a while, Rubio’s CPU (or adrenaline) kicked into overdrive, he dropped the hammer:

“Here’s a guy who inherited 200 million dollars. If he hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where he’d be right now? Selling watches in Midtown.”

We won’t spoil the rest of it for you. This is one of those things that you have to see for yourself, which you can do below:

Trump Gets WRECKED For American Jobs Hypocrisy

Donald Trump got destroyed at the #GOPDebate by RoboRubio over this — looks like somebody on Rubio's campaign finally updated him to Windows 10.

Posted by Americans Against The Republican Party on Thursday, February 25, 2016

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