WATCH: Fake Fox News Girls Question Conservatives With Hilarious Results (VIDEO)

Watching a good old-fashioned troll perpetrated against the most uninformed American voter, the right-winger, is always a hoot. This HULU production of an episode of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog takes attractive white women to the scene of rallies for candidates, telling ridiculous lie after ridiculous lie.

Time and time again the conservative knuckleheads willing to hold a sign for a candidate like Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and more. With realistic looking microphones and presumably cameramen, they capture the beauty and simplicity of the wild American “patriot.” The way they see it they’re some kind of dying breed coming together as a movement. The way we see it is a dangerous bunch of people who will believe anything you tell them rallying behind lunatics and narcissistic billionaires.

Dangerous is the key word. Godwin saw Donald Trump coming. Godwin’s law says all internet disputes eventually end at Nazi, and he who goes there first loses. What else can you possibly equate to Donald Trump’s rise to power besides 1936? People are thrilled to be able to hate so openly. Millions of people. They want someone loud and aggressive who will “rebuild our military,” as Trump orders the best of the best of the best for our troops. If you’re white, full of rage, rich, or just plain dumb, a Donald Trump presidency is a dream come true.┬áIt wouldn’t take that idiot but a month to destroy our respect as a country and our economy.

That makes people who support Donald Trump fair game. This bit of trickery goes quite a bit further, however, when one of the Fox girls gets a hold of Rick Santorum and asks him about Trump’s plan to sterilize Puerto Ricans. Santorum is NOT in favor of sterilizing anyone at this time. The fact that he takes it seriously is comedy gold. Senator Rand Paul gets the same story and says the most intelligent thing of anyone on the entire clip: “I think that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

The bonus at the end is just too much. Enjoy it below, courtesy of HULU on Youtube:

Featured image from screen capture