TV Show ‘Shameless’ Sneaks In HILARIOUS Dig At Trump (VIDEO)

Donald Trump makes no secret of his leanings — ever. Not only does he make a habit of retweeting people who “happen to be” white supremacists, even circulating some of their propaganda related to African-Americans, but he certainly caters to their leanings, supporting such horrific ideas as walling off our borders to keep people he considers inferior out of the country, banning all Muslims from entering the United States, entering those who are here into a national database and forcing them to wear special badges, and even concentration camps — yes, concentration camps.

Naturally, the popular Showtime series “Shameless” had to seize upon the opportunity to have some fun with this. In the ending credits of a recent episode, 13-year old Chuckie Slott got himself in a bit of trouble when he turned in a book report on Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Normally this would not be a problem, but Chuckie’s mother had tattooed a Swastika on his forehead shortly before he was placed in a juvenile detention center after committing a crime [we’re going as spoiler-free as possible here]. This, of course, made him a lot of new friends who would have absolutely adored Donald Trump’s father, who was arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally back in the “good old days” to which conservatives want us to return, and their viewpoints about racial superiority and whatnot translated into the young teen’s musings.

Naturally, his book report sounded a lot like any of Donald Trump’s campaign speeches.

After he was initially suspended, Frank Gallagher — a perpetually jobless, alcoholic failure of a father with extreme conservative leanings — bullies the school into allowing Chuckie to read his hate speech to the class — a gathering that ultimately involved parental presence.

“The superiors put all the inferiors in bad summer camps because they didn’t want them crossing the border and ruining the neighborhood,” Chuckie reads aloud to the class. “And that is why Adolf Hitler is a great American leader.”

This speech, of course, left his fellow students, the teacher, and the assembled parents stunned. Breaking the extremely uncomfortable silence, Frank steps in and pats Chuckie on the shoulder:

German. But I think you’ve made your point here, my young Trump.

Of course, Trump’s ideologies are straight out of Hitler’s playbook — and why not? He actually has been known to sleep with a book of Hitler’s speeches in a bedside dresser. Shameless often has fun with politics, mainly using Frank’s unhinged rants both to voice the conservative viewpoint and to critique it by presenting it in its terrifyingly-unglued glory.

Watch this hilarious clip below:

Shameless Trump Dig from John Prager on Vimeo.

Featured image via screengrab