Here’s Why The Nevada Caucus Results Should Be Overturned (VIDEO)

The Young Turks reporter Jimmy Dore captured some incredible footage at last night’s Democratic Caucus in Nevada.

Dore was covering the Las Vegas caucus, held at the Paris Hotel in Clark County.┬áThis is the most highly populated area of Nevada, and the county is a must-win for presidential candidates hoping to capture their party’s nomination.

Earlier in the day on Wednesday, a caucus-goer by the name of James Porter uploaded a disturbing cell phone video to YouTube.

Porter documented caucus leaders telling attendees to ‘come in to caucus without registering.’ That’s a direct quote.

The video shows a large group of people standing at the registration table. A female official is then heard telling the group not to register to vote.

Immediately after she gives this direction, a male official shushes her, saying “Don’t yell it.”

When the officials are questioned about allowing people who are not registered to caucus, one responds by saying, “They will register after the caucus.”

Watch the video below.

What happened after that is even more unbelievable.

As reported by The Jimmy Dore Show, the caucus was total chaos from beginning to end.

“There doesn’t seem to be any organization to this,” Dore says.

The video shows the way the votes were tallied during the caucus, with the unnamed official taking a cursory head count. The video then shows the leader of the caucus writing stuff on his hand.

No official report was given regarding the head count, or the number of voters caucusing for either candidate.

It was then announced that:

“As of today’s caucus results, Senator Sanders has gained seven delegates… Secretary Clinton has – oh, I’m sorry – SIX delegates, Secretary Clinton has gained 13 delegates.”

At this point it seemed that the caucus was over. But as Dore reports, it was at this time that the chairman of the caucus realized he “made two huge mistakes.”

First, all of the people who were allowed to caucus without ever registering to vote were never directed to return to the registration table at the end of the caucus.

Worse, the caucus ended before delegates were ever chosen for either candidate.

The video shows the chairman telling people not to leave.

By this time it’s way too late as almost everyone was already gone.

Watch the report from The Jimmy Dore Show below.

While it’s clear that Dore (and the rest of the TYT personalities) favor Sanders over Clinton, the issues documented in these videos should outrage every democratic voter, regardless of which candidate you support.

There’s clear, undeniable evidence that people who were not registered to vote were not just allowed to caucus, they were directed to do so.

No matter how you look at it, it’s not just a violation of the rules of the democratic party, it’s also a criminal offense.

Not surprisingly, the videos above are a virtual goldmine for the conservative media, which is reporting on them as ‘proof of Hillary Clinton voter fraud,’ and ‘proof of democratic voter fraud.’

The problems with the caucus were not just confined to this single location. Voters are reporting that people were writing on other people’s ballots, while others claim their names were not recorded to the correct candidate during the registration process.

The democratic party needs to take these allegations very seriously, especially because there is undeniable proof that unregistered voters were allowed to participate in yesterday’s caucus.

Featured image from video screen capture via The Jimmy Dore Show on youtube