Trump Supporter Has Dumbest Comeback Ever After Getting Trolled (VIDEO)

A group of Donald Trump protesters assembled outside the Republican front-runner’s North Charleston rally on Friday, yelling “Dump Trump.” Protestors these days, what can you do?

Well, one Trump supporter thought he’d heckle them right back (good idea, right?), and his responses weren’t exactly the wittiest around.

After a few jumbled up responses that we can’t exactly make out completely, you can hear the unnamed Trump follower say, among other things:

“Go home back to your toilet (visibly angry). ¬†Why don’t you waterboard yourself in the toilet? Go doodoo in your mouth.”

Pause. Throw up. Repeat. What did you just call me?

That’s not very nice. Do you kiss your mom with that mouth?

Oh, well. What’s the bother acting surprised; it’s not like we had very high expectations to begin with for the people showing up at his rallies. I mean, when your fans start doing close to the exact same things you’re doing (that being Trump) then it’s all very fitting.

Speaking of dumb, did you catch The Daily Show‘s episode that aired recently? You know, the one where they questioned Trump supporters and they gave absolutely the dumbest answers ever? Yeah, that one. If you haven’t we took the liberty of including a clip of it below. If you can make it through the entire video without having your jaw drop in disbelief then you’re the only one.

Now that we think about it, that comeback line sounds better than the answers these other supporters just gave. At least he can blame it on being mad in the heat of the moment. These other guys just don’t know which way is up.

Featured image via screen capture.