Cruz Is Getting Destroyed Over This FAKE Photo Of Rubio And Obama (IMAGES)

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is, once again, under fire for using dirty campaign tactics in the GOP primary race.

The controversy stems for a website created by the Cruz campaign. The site,, attempts to posit Marco Rubio as a “Republican Obama.” The fact that the allegation is completely asinine isn’t what is causing the stir. It is rather, the poor Photoshop job the campaign did with one of the site’s graphics.

See this handshake? Totally not real.


The Cruz campaign responded to criticisms of the website. They did not deny that the handshake image was faked, they focused on their anti-Rubio talking points. Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler said:

“Of course Marco Rubio is throwing a fit because he’s ashamed of his liberal record of standing with Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama to try to pass amnesty. And let’s not let Rubio’s dirty campaign tactics get a free pass here — Rubio is having his supporters crash opponent events and tape literature inside women’s bathroom stalls, and his campaign is running intentionally misleading statewide robocalls. Again, Rubio will do anything to distract away from his liberal record.”

Once news spread about the site’s use of fake photos, conservative supporters of Rubio and others took to Twitter to mock the candidate. The hashtag #CruzPhotoshop shows some of the hilarious mockeries that are being aimed at the Cruz campaign.

Cruz does have a lot to gain by driving home the point that Rubio is in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It won’t sit well with Republicans who are against the TPP. The trade deal is opposed by all Democratic presidential candidates – both those still running and those who have dropped out of the race. For a candidate as extreme as Cruz is, he needs something to stand behind that makes him look appealing to moderates. Judging by the Rubio supporters reaction, the stunt may have backfired for Cruz. Then again, far more people are talking about the site than if the campaign had not used a fake photo. In the world of political PR stunts, every result is mixed.

Featured image from Gage Skidmore via Flickr