This Cruz Supporter Wins The Award For Craziest GOP Voter Of The Year (VIDEO)

Every once in a while, we are introduced to an undeniably bat sh*t crazy Republican. Linda Farley of Kentucky is one of these nut jobs.

Farley, a die-hard Republican, was pulled over in West Virginia while driving her “award winning Liberty Van” because the vehicle was all lit up with illegal lights. The patriot mobile has all kinds of insane ramblings on it like “Red is the new green” and “Occupy your brain first.”


Yep, that really says “Amerika.”


It looks like she put all of her leftover lawn ornaments on the top of her van, doesn’t it?


I don’t think she understands the meaning of “injustice.”


“Occupy your brain first”? Ohhhhh the irony.


I just can’t even…..

Untitled 234

I’m so confused. What happened on 9-11-2002?


Now that you have seen the just how nutty she is, let’s get back to her police stop.

In addition to all of the bedazzled sayings on the Liberty Van, it is lit up with Christmas lights. While traveling through West Virginia, the police saw the lights and stopped her. The state, like many others, prohibit the use of blue lights on cars that are not emergency vehicles. Farley was arrested for her illegal lights and believes that her “personal liberty” is in danger because she BROKE THE LAW. She also believes her criminal behavior somehow means  that Hillary Clinton should be in prison.

During an interview with InfoWars, the nutter said:

“If they can arrest grandmas for Christmas lights, definitely she belongs [in jail].”

Yes, because that makes perfect sense.

When she was asked what exactly she is doing with her super cool van, she responded:

“I’m sick and tired by time we get a primary in Kentucky all the good ones are gone and I have to pick from the lesser of the evils. And I decided, since I’m retired and I have this rolling billboard here, that I would try to help out the one that I think is not the lesser of evils.”

Her “lesser evil” is Senator Ted Cruz. The man who had a starring role in the government shutdown in 2013 (the one that cost Americans billions of dollars) and who was the first to say that he would block anybody President Obama nominates to replace Justice Antonin Scalia. I mean after all the best candidate for President of the United States is definitely someone who hates the government, right? Apparently, in Farley’s mind he is and that is why she is “CRUZ’n for the Constitution.”

Watch her interview with InfoWars below:


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