The GOP Has Made Such A Mockery Of Elections Even Canada Gets To Poke Fun At Us (VIDEO)

Canada is just…fun. Our great white neighbor to the north just shed a decade of hate and ignorance in favor of “Prime Minister Centerfold” and a slew of not just leftish but downright liberal political and social reform. In other words, Canada joined the rest of the civilized world in evolving faster than America ever could.

They’ve had advantages, of course. I can’t quite remember exactly who it was but back in the 80s some comedy news person, possibly Stewart Pankin, said that the first words in Canada’s National Anthem should be changed to “Oh, America…thank God we’re next to you…” Yes, you can laugh. For much of its existence and in many ways still, that is true. Anything bordering something as massive and internationally strategic as the United States Of America is going to benefit greatly from a relationship that is symbiotic by nature.

Still, Canada is doing OK for itself and would like to offer “34 million of the most polite people in the world” as candidates for president. Not any one individually; all of them. They say they’ll do it in shifts. Canada has “run for president” before, but failed to pick up enough votes to get by the mandatory tooth-brushing guy.

In this perfectly hilarious depiction of what Canada thinks, stereotypes get hit long and hard. The friendly guy in the sweater sporting the majestic eagle and the ever-noble…moose is as polite as he is passively condescending. His endearing accent and inherent whiteness come through strong as he questions us about our choices and offers real-world solutions:

Yes, the irony at the end would be just hilarious, wouldn’t it? Trump has said that his wall will have doors. If Trump is elected president it would only be fitting for Canada to build a solid wall with no doors, because we’re obviously 317 million or so….absolutely crazy people. Trump would have to pay for it by his own rules.

Luckily for us there truly is no scenario where Donald Trump being President would actually be good for America. One thing is for sure, if the stars align in the manner that puts any Republican in the White House with the current class of crazies “running” our congress, I’m moving to Canada.


Featured image from screen capture