Cliven Bundy Indicted For Assault, Faces Life In Prison

If you missed it in all the kerfluffle over the Moron Militia surrendering without a fight in Oregon, Cliven Bundy, the Moron Militia’s inspiration to break the law and threaten to kill people, was arrested as he attempted to join the 4 remaining imbeciles holed up in a wildlife refuge. But he wasn’t arrested for trying to join domestic terrorists; he was arrested for his role as ringleader in the 2014 Nevada stand-off in which a group of armed assholes pointed guns at federal agents and threatened to shoot them.

On Wednesday, Bundy, along with his idiot sons, was indicted and now faces life in prison:

All were charged with conspiracy, carrying a firearm in relation to a violent crime, obstruction of justice, extortion, and assault and threats against federal law enforcement.

The charge of assault on a federal law enforcement officer carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. If convicted, the defendants would also have to forfeit at least $3 million worth of property secured through the crimes, the statement said.

The most delicious part about this is that the Bundys were so intent on making a media spectacle of their “brave” stance against the federal government that there is hours and hours of footage of them threatening to murder law enforcement and pointing their guns at agents. If they hadn’t been so arrogant, they might have been able to plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of the jury. As it is, their eagerness to rally ‘Murika to a second Civil War has all but guaranteed that Cliven will die in jail and his two sons will be in their 60s and possibly broke by the time they get out.

While Bundy rotting in jail will put a smile on many of our faces, it does little to erase the fact that Bundy and his fellow domestic terrorists walked free for over a year for a crime that would have left anyone less white or conservative riddled with bullets. White Right Wing Privilege in this country is out of control. The only reason the Moron Militia thought they could get away with violently seizing a federal building is because of the FBI’s lack of action in Nevada. They truly and honestly thought that they could throw their temper tantrum, play Freedom Fighter for a few weeks and then just go home like nothing ever happened. Listening to their press conferences (PRESS CONFERENCES!) and podcasts, they were shocked to their core that they would have to pay for their crimes. Honestly, I’m surprised none of them blurted out, “But I’m a white conservative! You can’t arrest me! This is MY country!”

Hopefully, Cliven and his followers going to prison will send a clear signal to the rest of the militia movement that their reckless disregard for the rule of law won’t be tolerated in America. We should only be so lucky.

Featured image via AI archives