Zombie Reagan BLASTS Modern GOP For Obstructing Nominee (VIDEO)

Republicans have been vowing to honor the memory of recently-deceased racist hatemonger, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, by blocking any and all nominees Obama might put forward to replace him, no matter who they are. While Scalia himself  would disagree with “the intrusion of politics into the judicial appointment process,” Ted Cruz promises to filibuster any nominee and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he will use every tool at his disposal to block nominations until after the election, when they hope a Republican is in office (good luck with that, guys).

While Republicans often invoke Ronald Reagan as they struggle to excuse most of their actions, they are similarly ignoring the former President’s opinion on the matter. In 1988, Saint Ronnie made it clear while urging the Senate to confirm Anthony M. Kennedy that he doesn’t quite agree with childishly blocking nominations, either:

In the year ahead, we’re not going to be on the defensive, shoring up problems and answering our critics. We are moving forward, and I have no doubt that when we look back 1988 will be a year of great accomplishment toward our goals. This is the year when Judge Anthony Kennedy will be confirmed and the Supreme Court will again be brought up to full strength. The Federal judiciary is too important to be made a political football. I would hope, and the American people should expect, not only for Judge Kennedy’s confirmation but for the Senate to get to work and act on 27 other judicial nominations that have been left in limbo for quite awhile now.

That’s right — Republicans are so desperate to deny Obama a judicial nomination that they are willing to ignore tradition, the wishes of the person they are supposedly honoring in this destructive and asinine action, and even the words of their messiah.

Watch the remarks from Saint Ronnie’s January 25, 1985 State of the Union Address below:

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