Bernie Is Too Far Left To Get Anything Done? This ONE FACT Puts That Lie To Bed

There’s a myth running afoul within Democratic and Republican circles (but mostly among Democrats) that Bernie Sanders is “too progressive” to actually get anything accomplished in Washington if elected president. To drive this point home, some on the campaign trail are pointing to his record of accomplishments on Capital Hill, noting that he has only had three (yes – 3) bills passed into law that he’s sponsored over 25 years in Congress. Doesn’t sound like that great of a record, does it? Yet — what they fail to mention is that his record of successes is almost IDENTICAL to Hillary Clinton’s. In fact, Sanders has a higher success rate.

We back this up with proven numbers. Go to You can look up every single bill that present (and past) members of Congress have ever sponsored/co-sponsored during their entire time as elected representatives of the people.

Here’s what you’ll find once you break down the stats like we did:

Bernie Sanders sponsored 780 bills. He also co-sponsored 5,430 bills. Out of his sponsored bills, only three became law, meaning his success rate = .38 percent. Once you factor in his sponsored bills with his co-sponsored bills, his success rate isn’t all that much improved. Out of 6,210 bills, only 206 became law.

That brings his total success rate to 3.3 percent.

Not that great, right? But, look at Clinton….

Hillary sponsored 703 laws and guess what, only 3 became law (the same as Bernie). That gives her a success rate of .42 percent. That’s barely above Sanders. But – take a look at what happens when you factor in her co-sponsored bills. Out of the 3,379 bills she supported, only 77 became law.

That gives her a total success rate of 2.2 percent.

That’s below Sanders, but, we’ll just go ahead and say they’re nearly identical.

So, as we were saying, there’s a myth going around that Sanders can’t get anything done because he’s too far left, but as you can see, his record of accomplishments in Congress isn’t that far off from Hillary’s (at least according to the official Congressional record). If this isn’t absolute proof, then we don’t know what is.

The truth is, it’s not that far-left progressives can’t get anything done in Washington, it’s that Congress is set up in a way that makes it virtually impossible for anyone to get anything passed. That’s the way it’s supposed to be (by design). That’s why Bernie has continuously said on the campaign trail that it’s absolutely imperative that people become more involved (and vote), otherwise, they won’t see the change they’re hoping for, no matter if he (or anyone else for that matter) is elected president. This nonsense about him being “too progressive to get anything passed” needs to stop, no matter who you support for the nomination.

Featured image via Bernie Sanders