Of All The Candidates Running For President, Only One Pays Their Interns

Here’s a nice little factoid for you: out of all the candidates running for president this year, only one actually pays their interns. Can you take a guess as to who that one person might be? It’s none other than your favorite democratic socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders.

You heard that right: No one else, not Donald Trump, not even Hillary Clinton, pay their interns, not in a house, not in a tree, not anywhere (to borrow a line from Dr. Suess).

The Washington Post ran an unofficial investigation from the angle of how “Presidential candidates ignore the costs of unpaid internships” despite their rhetoric to the contrary. It’s particularly fitting considering they talk a big game about the “eroding middle class and rising social inequality,” yet they treat their own workers like slaves.

Even the leading Republican candidates talk about income inequality openly, even though they may not get as much press coverage on the topic, yet still, somehow Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump don’t care enough to pay their interns. Not Bernie Sanders, though. He pays his interns $10.10 an hour. Not too shabby!

While we will admit this is nowhere close to the $15.00 an hour Bernie advocates for on the campaign trail, it’s far and above anything else the other candidates are offering.

If you believe in a higher minimum wage, this should be important to you. If you think workers need to be treated with respect, this difference between the candidates should be important to you. What better predictor is there for how a candidate is going to conduct themselves in office than how they conduct their own campaign?

Featured image via Flickr