Latino Celebrities Release An Open Letter Explaining How Screwed The Republican Party Is

On Thursday, over 20 Latino celebrities including Benjamin Bratt, America Ferrera, George Lopez, Aubrey Plaza, Zoe Saldana and Carlos Santana released an open letter through the People for the American Way. The letter was addressed to the Latino community concerning the Republican candidates running for Racist-in-Chief and it explained, very simply, that the Republican Party has committed electoral suicide:

The candidates cannot come back from these hardline stances. Trump is certainly an outlier for his racist remarks. But the rest of the Republican presidential candidates went off the deep end with him.

Our communities have the power to decide who wins in the 2016 election. We hope that power is used to vote for candidates who support our community, share our values, and will fight for working families. Neither Trump nor any of his fellow Republican candidates meet that standard.

Even if the eventual Republican nominee backtracks on his or her anti-immigrant sentiments, we must not forget that we’ve now seen that in the face of bigotry, the Republican candidates have chosen to turn their backs on our community. The current slate of GOP candidates has proven to us that they’ve joined and embraced the party of Trump.

This is exactly why I’ve been so excited about Trump’s campaign. In previous elections, the “liberal” media helped Republicans maintain the fiction that they weren’t xenophobic bigots. But with the coming of Trump, that’s all over. He’s been so open about his loathing for Latinos that the other candidates have been forced to abandon their coded language in order to compete for the attention of their breathtakingly racist base.

This, in turn, has made it perfectly clear to the Latino community that the Republican Party is not interested in them in the slightest but rather only in “pandering to the anti-immigrant base of the Republican Party that idolizes Donald Trump.”

The longer this goes on, the worse it will get and it MUST go on because racism and hate is all Republicans have left anymore. If Republicans try to appeal to Latino voters in any way at all, their base will instantly revolt. They are caught in a trap of their own making and it is truly a glorious thing to behold.

In an individual statement, America Ferrera said:

“It’s critical that all Americans, and especially American Latinos, stand up to the misrepresentation of our communities coming from Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and any other candidate running on a platform of xenophobia and fear-mongering. The way to do that is to show up on Election Day. And that means young Latinos have to register and vote. We have the numbers and potential to make a difference.”

This, of course, is the GOP’s worst nightmare come true. Latinos voting en masse would take power away from the poor, oppressed white people of America.

Carlos Santana sent a more hopeful message to Republicans that will 100% fall on deaf ears:

“To Donald Trump and the Republican candidates Spirit requires integration and total acceptance of everyone on this blessed planet. I invite you to utilize your power of wealth, to restore, amend and heal your relationship with all your sisters and brothers! It’s never too late to graduate from the university of fear! I believe in you! Your light can make a difference on our great nation-when the power of love replaces the love for power. Divinity is who you really are … LIGHT. Peace to you, your families and all your immigrant employees.”

I’ve said this many times before and I’ll keep saying it: There’s a reason the black community votes 90%+ Democratic and it’s not because Democrats have made the black community a top priority. They haven’t and it’s an uphill battle to get Democrats to do more for their black voters. Even knowing that, the black community votes Democratic because they know, as sure as the sun will rise, that the Republican Party hates them with every fiber of their beings. Republicans are not indifferent like Democrats, they are actively hostile and work to make things worse for the black community whenever and wherever possible.

Now the Latino community is learning the same lesson. Republicans are no longer content to mostly ignore the Latino community, they are going out of their way to demonize it and are openly planning to hurt Latino families to appease their rabidly racist base.

Republicans have awoken the sleeping giant and they’re going to pay dearly for it in the very near future.


Featured image from hdstockphoto