Bernie Was Asked To Say One Nice Thing About Trump And Cruz – His Response Is Hilarious (IMAGE/VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders made his first appearance on television after his “YUGGGEEE” win in the New Hampshire primaries with the hosts of The View – and it was the perfect mixture of seriousness as well as a little light-humored fun. Bernie began his discussion talking about “the greed and recklessness of Wall Street,” but when he was asked to say just one nice thing about Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, he couldn’t!

Considering his Republican rivals have never said a single nice thing about Bernie Sanders other than he’s a “socialist,” his response was fitting. Here was his first reaction when asked to say something nice about Trump:

“What can I say?”

When pressed further, “come on Bernie, he has nice ties; nice hair?” he said very sarcastically “humble” earning him a huge applause. Donald Trump is anything but humble, but we have a feeling everyone already knew that. The guy puts his name on everything for crying out loud.

And – when he was asked about Ted Cruz, the only thing he could say was “loud.” Come on Bernie, there must be something nice you can say about the Senator from Texas!

Watch here:

He did have nice things to say about John Kasich, though, calling him an “old friend,” and he does think Hillary Clinton is “intelligent.” Very classy with those responses.

After winning New Hampshire, Bernie is starting to get more attention from Donald Trump. He used to ignore him preferring to attack Hillary, but now things have changed. While Bernie appeared on The View, Trump was busy taking shots at the Senator from Vermont. On CBS This Morning Trump ignored the polls (go figure, right?) and suggested he would take Bernie head on in a matchup. Real Clear Politics shows Bernie beating Trump handily, though; not the other way around.

“I would beat Bernie easily. The one thing we have in common is trade. The difference between us is, [Sanders] can’t do anything about it. I can.”

Here’s Bernie being introduced on The View:

Here’s Bernie answering the question of why people are voting for him over Hillary on the issue of greed on Wall Street:

Featured image from screen capture.