President Makes Surprise Appearance After Super Bowl – And He Has Jokes (VIDEO)

President Obama made a surprise appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert after Super Bowl 50 concluded and didn’t come unprepared. While carrying a football with him, he also came with a few jokes as well. Nobody knew he’d be on the show, so it was definitely a shock to everyone watching.

 President Obama: After every Super Bowl, I call the winning team to congratulate them, and sometimes I also call the losing team, especially if I bet on them.

Colbert: Sir, I hate to break this to you, but betting is illegal.

President Obama: Ehh, I’m the president. I hereby pardon myself.

Colbert: Okay, fair enough.

When he first came on the show via a video feed, it wasn’t clear to the audience that the show wasn’t being cast live. That soon became very obvious after a few more moments. They actually pre-recorded the interaction an entire week ago.

Watch here:

He then made a few jokes about every Super Bowl winner being put on the back of the U.S. Constitution. We’re sure a few conservatives out there will take that as an opportunity to take a few jabs at the president for not knowing the Constitution. To them we say, lighten up.

Colbert:  So, let me get this straght, you don’t even know who won the game, sir?

President Obama: Of course, I do. It was the Denver Broncos.

Colbert: What? If this is a pre-tape, how could you possibly know that?

President Obama:  Stephen, I am the president – and it turns out all the Super Bowl winners for the next 50 years are written on the back of the Constitution. That’s the plot of National Treasure 3.”

After throwing the football to First Lady Michelle Obama, she can be seen doing her “very best touchdown dance” in a room full of kids. Turns out, Mr. Obama isn’t supposed to be throwing footballs in the White House. Mr. President, shame on you.

Featured image via screen capture.