Jeb Bush Confronted On Why He Wanted Rubio For VP In 2012 – Gives Worst Answer EVER (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush is campaigning against Marco Rubio — we all get that. When a person becomes your rival in a presidential contest, all the gloves come off. Yet – you’d think the arguments presented would be somewhat in line with what that candidate’s own thoughts were in the past. Not so in this case.

Jeb Bush is trying to say Marco Rubio is “inexperienced,” but when confronted on why he recommended Senator Rubio to be Romney’s Vice Presidential choice back in 2012, Bush became visibly flabbergasted.

Here was the exchange between him and Fox News Bret Baier:

Bret: Well, (Rubio) had enough experience that you recommended him for Vice President when Mitt Romney was looking.

Jeb: Yeah, except he doesn’t have the experience to make a tough decision.

Bret: But, why recommend him for Vice President then if he didn’t have the experience back then?

Jeb: Because he would have earned it.

What does that even mean? Look – it’s obvious Jeb is trying to wiggle his way out of this one, and on that front he failed, big time.

Watch here:

For some more context on this, here was what Jeb said back when Romney was still mulling over his options for VP:

“Look – he has more experience than Barack Obama had when he ran. And the practical experience – he’s certainly got the intelligent acumen and fortitude to be a good president and I have a special place in my heart for him. It’s hard to describe the pride I have for his incredible success and how he has moved in to the job of being a U.S. senator with humility, not trying to be an arrogant guy, to learn the trade if you will. And people in Washington really admire him.”

Those are some very kind words. Not only that, but Bush even went further in another interview with Newsmax in April of 2012, when he said Rubio was “probably the best choice” out of every potential candidate. For Bush to now try to play the experience card is just absurd. He picked the wrong battle to fight on this one. This is just another reason people don’t trust anything politicians say.

Featured image from video screen capture.