Racists Explode As Death Of Bundy Militant Blamed On Jews And White Oppression (IMAGES)

On Tuesday night, the FBI finally stopped treating the Oregon militants with kid gloves and arrested several of them as they were on their way to terrorize another local town meeting. One of the militants, the ridiculous LaVoy Finicum aka “Tarp Man,” charged at the authorities after crashing his truck and was killed. This was confirmed explicitly by two of the militants who were at the scene. This will, in no way, stop right wing extremists from lying about it. They finally have their martyr:

LaVoy has left us, but his sacrifice will never be far from the lips of those who love liberty. You cannot defeat us. Our blood is seed.

Posted by Bundy Ranch on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The reaction from the not-at-all-racist right wing was immediate and 100% predictable: They played the white victim card. Because white people are oppressed in America:

If these people were protesting in the city and were a different color the police and FBI would have left them alone to…

Posted by Kevin Bradshaw on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Remember when the police shot and killed the violent Ferguson protestors after they did millions in damage, looted,…

Posted by Dane Frederick Hoover on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

In the alternate reality the right wing lives in, the cops went easy on the Ferguson protesters. They must have missed the part where the police showed up in full military gear like an invading army.

Image courtesy of The Feminist Wire

Image courtesy of The Feminist Wire

There were tanks in Ferguson. Fucking tanks against unarmed protesters. TANKS! Meanwhile, the armed militants in Oregon promised to kill anyone that tried to arrest them and they were allowed to hold fucking press conferences. Clearly, Bundy and his terrorists got the shaft.

But it’s OK! The White Crusaders at the not-at-all-racist Stormfront know who to blame! The Jews and America’s anti-white hatred, of course:

Bundy 2

Only matters who fires the last shot. This is far from over.


Adolf Hitlist’s S.O.F. (Statements Of Fact)

1. The Jews want a world where life is lived in fear, and cowardice is how you survive.
2. Multi-racialism breeds racism. How can you hate minorities if you don’t know any.

3. Trying to fight Communism with Democracy is like trying to stab someone who is shooting at you.
4. Black isn’t the opposite of White! Jewish is!

Bundy 3

On the contrary, you should read the report that the USGS published about the area. I think the Jewmerican regime wanted to push everyone out so they can mine those metals, render it uninhabitable to whites at the same time, and sell the metals to China, Israel and anyone else who wants to harm, or kill us. They have driven everyone else off their land, Bundy was the last. Now we will see that the feds have no intention to leave that lands as a refuge for wildlife.


I’m furious. Absolutely enraged. This is a direct, frontal assault on White America by the hostile, occupation government in Washington, D.C. The authorities shoot and kill a White man for exercising civil rights while blacks, browns and their liberal enablers get protected and publicly lauded for exercising the same civil rights.

A White patriot in Oregon gets a bullet. Non-white looters in Baltimore get “room to destroy.” The National Guard stands idly by and watches while blacks burn Ferguson. Politicians of both the GOP and Democrat varieties praise the non-white “protesters” causing chaos in cities all across America because, ya know, “Black Lives Matter.” White lives, however, are apparently expendable when the federal government wants to make a point about who’s in charge.

What’s wrong with this picture, kinsmen?

The obvious question to ask now is how many cops will be assassinated over the death of a right wing terrorist? Unlike the Black Lives Matter movement, right wing extremists ARE violent. Incredibly so. They’re consumed with visions of a race war to “take back their country” from all of Those People and see anyone with a badge (or darker skin) as the enemy. The last time the FBI killed a right wing militant, they went on a rampage that ended with the Oklahoma City Bombing and dozens of dead children. The right is far more radicalized now and violence is inevitable.

Will we continue to ignore right wing extremists and pretend that there isn’t a burgeoning insurrection fueled by racism in America? Or will we finally start treating them like the terrorists they are only after the next federal building is blown up?

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