WATCH: Creepy Young Ted Cruz Says He Wants To ‘Be In A Teen T*t Film, Rule Everything’

2016 Ted Cruz is a moralizing, holier than thou insufferable prick on a mission from Jesus to save America from liberals and Muslims and brown people. 1988 Ted Cruz, on the other hand, was an insufferable prick that wanted to be rich and powerful, rule the world and….be in a teen tit flick:

Via Politico:

The new clip was posted on YouTube under the name “Young Ted Cruz.” The operator of the account told POLITICO the video had been provided by a high school classmate of Cruz’s who wished to remain anonymous. The video comes less than 10 days before the Iowa caucuses, where polls show Cruz at or near the lead.

You might be saying that it’s unfair to slam Cruz for being 18, but let’s be honest here, if a video surfaced of an 18 year old Hillary Clinton doing anything even slightly embarrassing, we would never hear the end of it.

For most people, this would just be an isolated incident from their past. Not so much for Ted Cruz. His college roommate, his classmates and pretty much everyone that’s ever spent more than a few minutes with him have said pretty much the same thing: Ted Cruz is a smug, arrogant and thoroughly awful person with a reputation of “creepy” behavior around women. His time in Congress has been marked with an obsession with accumulating power at the expense of everyone around him.

In this context, Cruz’s aspirations as a teen seem less like a joke and more like an honest assessment, including his desire to be in a “teen tit film.” I have to agree with his father’s attitude; when asked if Ted would one day rule the world, he simply says, “I hope not!”

So say we all.

Featured image via screencap.