Watch Steven Colbert’s Hilarious Summary of Trump’s Crazy Week

For anyone who’s been paying attention to Donald Trump, you can’t help but wonder how in the world this individual is leading polls by a large gap for the Republican nomination to be president of the United States. After watching Stephen Colbert’s analysis of Trump’s week, one can only conclude that there are many not so smart Republican voters out there.


Take, for example, Trump’s visit to Liberty University to attract the Evangelical vote. During his speech, Trump misnamed a book in the Bible. “Trump loves the Bible so much he doesn’t even need to read it, apparently because he had a little trouble with one of the names of the books of the Bible ‘Second Corinthians’,” said Colbert. Then he showed a clip of Trump calling it “Two Corinthians.” “It’s like two Corinthians walk into a bar” mused Colbert. Trump however did compliment the Bible, saying that it “blows away” his book, The Art of The Deal.

Do these folks actually believe that Trump is religious or that he even pays attention to the Bible? If they do, they seem to be either quite delusional or not so smart. They’re probably both.

Then there’s the apparent endorsement of the dead John Wayne. Trump was endorsed at the John Wayne Museum by the famous actor’s daughter, who said that if her dad were alive today, Trump would be his guy. Colbert said:

“That’s right,with Trump’s new-found spirituality, Trump has reached through the veil of death and dragged back the endorsement of John Wayne.”

The unfolding Trump saga and his crazy support base is humorous when Colbert sums it up but it’s also quite frightening that this guy leads in the polls.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot.