This EDM Remix Of Sarah Palin’s Trump Speech Makes Her Screechy Voice Totally Worth It (VIDEO)

If you’re like me, listening to the sound of Sarah Palin’s voice alone, regardless of what she says, is like being stabbed through the skull with a series of high-school geometry class protractors. Only then do I begin to actually absorb the nonsensical content of what she’s saying. But, of course, leave it to the internet to take the pain away.

A YouTuber called Tronovitch assembled the first what will inevitably be many autotune remixes of Palin’s incoherent Trump speech. This one is built around Palin’s white trash tendencies, illustrated by the mashed-up use of the phrase “hee-haw” as well as the 1970s television show of the same name.


While we’re here, is there anyone else in politics who’s less self aware than Palin? She seems to believe that liberals and the “lamestream media” are terrified of her because she goes rogue and challenges the establishment. She appears to be completely unaware of the fact that everyone outside of her retirement-aged fanboys are laughing at her — her and her Idiot Strength. Consequently, she doesn’t seem to grasp that she’s embarrassing herself by going Full Dumbstupid. (You never go Full Dumbstupid.)

She seems to believe that her speaking style is a threat rather than a source of accidental self-satire. In other words, every time she appears in public, she ratchets up her act, thinking that it’ll totally flummox liberals, but in reality it just comes off as Full Dumbstupid. Frankly, it’s one of many tell-tale signs that she’s totally ensconced in white-trashery, which is often indicated by poor judgment and horrendously bad taste.

Suffice to say, she clearly doesn’t know. And if she’s been told how insanely ridiculous she sounds, she’s not paying attention — which is yet another sign of being white trash. Besides, if she stops, the comedy ends. And that’d be a tragedy.

Featured image via video screen grab.