Ted Nugent Calls For The Death Of President Obama, Goes Off On Racist Rant (VIDEO)

Ted Nugent woke up on the wrong side of the bed Wednesday morning. Pretty soon the Secret Service will be knocking on his door. Not long after 7:00 a.m. central time, Nugent was already in the mood to call President Obama a “chimp ass punk” that needed to be “tried for treason and hung,” along with Secretary Clinton for their handling of, you guessed it, Benghazi. He must have made his coffee a little bit too strong, sending him into a caffeine-filled rage. That, or he’s just the same Ted we’ve all come to know over the years.

We get that the right-wing is all rattled up about the new “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” movie that just hit theaters. Nugent must have stayed up all night watching it on repeat judging from his post. Immediately after threatening the life of President Obama, Nugent goes into a long rant detailing what he considers to be evidence that Clinton and Obama are just the worst two people on the face of the planet. What’s funny is that even though he comes to the conclusion that they need to be “hung,” he resorts to lighter language in the very next paragraph saying instead, this “raises dramatic new questions.” There really is a difference. Either it’s convincing, or it’s not, Ted. Which one is it?

Pic via Facebook.

Pic via Facebook.

We won’t even attempt to go into the subject of Benghazi, because it’s been talked about too much already, and we’re not trying to get into the business of entertaining this guy any more than he already is. The fact is, this guy’s blinders are truly on. We don’t recall Ted getting all huffy puffy at George W. Bush and Co. for his handling of the Iraq War. There were too many failures to mention. Nevermind that, though, right?

Here’s a video of Nugent from a few years back where he said, “I’m not going to call people names anymore.” He actually repeated it TWICE, when the interviewer called him out on it, not thinking he would commit to it. So, he doubled down. At the time, he sounded serious, but as you can see, we all know how that ended up.

Oh, and that Benghazi movie Ted was all worked up about? It tanked at the box office. It was a total, abject failure. So much for that bogus message gaining any steam.

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