WATCH: Rand Paul’s Horrendous New Anti-Ted Cruz Cartoon Titled ‘Audit The Ted’ (VIDEO)

You know how we can tell Rand Paul’s campaign for president is out of money and out of hope?

He produced a “cartoon” that attacks his former ally in the Senate, Ted Cruz, which features ugly, simplistic animation and voices performed by a cheap online vocal processor, Xtranormal style.

The “cartoon” shows two stick figures, a man and a woman, standing in a the middle of nowhere discussing how Ted Cruz borrowed money from Goldman Sachs, while also accepting huge donations from the financial sector and special interests to pay for his campaign for U.S. Senate.

The title of the video? “Audit the Ted.” Get it? The characters suggest we should engage in a process similar to the conspiracy theory meme about auditing the Federal Reserve.

Here’s a typical exchange:

MALE STICK FIGURE: “Does the Goldman Sachs want to audit the Fed?”

FEMALE STICK FIGURE: “I don’t think so. They are the Fed.”


The male stick figure goes on to pitch Rand Pand, saying in his inexplicably British-sounding robot voice, “He is for individual liberty, the free market and auditing the Fed.”

Yes, Rand Paul is for “individual liberty” — except for a woman’s individual liberty to have a safe and legal abortion, or to acquire inexpensive birth control through Obamacare, which Rand Paul wants to repeal.

The female stick figure, whose stick figure lady parts aren’t included in Rand Paul’s definition of “individual liberty,” replies, “Yes, I like this Rand Paul. And his hair. Maybe he should audit the Ted as well.”

Now we know for sure it’s a robot voice. No living human being would say they liked Rand Paul’s ridiculous wig.

The cartoon is part of an “Audit the Ted” website being launched by the Rand Paul campaign, targeting Ted Cruz’s failure to vote on an audit-the-Fed bill proposed just before the president’s final State of the Union address. The whole thing is a huge pander to the Alex Jones wing of the GOP.


Featured image via video screen grab.