Guess What UK Political Leaders Really Think About Donald Trump – Hint: He isn’t ‘Ace’ (VIDEO)

The British Parliament conducted what can only be described as a “national celebrity roast” when they took up the petition signed by more than 500k Britons, requesting that their government ban Donald Trump from entering the country based on the fact he “foments racial, religious, and nationalistic intolerance, which should not be welcome in the UK.”

The 3-hour debate was done more out of respect for the process of public petitions, and due to the huge number of signatures, rather than because they were legitimately serious about banning him. However, it did give Parliament time with which to vent their frustrations and engage in some brilliant Trump bashing, which is something we can all thoroughly appreciate.

Watch one of the compilations of what the UK really thinks of Trump below:

If ONLY the Republican Party felt that way…

Even some Tory Party members (which are like the British version of Republicans, except that they are not insane) have come out against his comments, although not as strongly as Labour and Scottish National Party members had done.

Some took a more serious stance on the idea of Trump not being permitted in the UK, by implying that allowing his presence would embolden the nationalistic and Islamophobic groups that already exist in the nation.

Watch more footage of further discussion below:

Ultimately, Trump will not end up being denied entry to the UK because there will not be a vote held at the end of the debate which would be required to enact a legitimate ban. However, members of Parliament felt that the 500k+ British citizens who signed the petition, deserved both an answer to it, plus a strong statement by their government against the sort of hate that Trump peddles daily.

featured image via fox news screen capture