The Lying B**tard Behind The Fake Planned Parenthood Videos Gets Slapped With Federal Lawsuit

David Daleiden, the mastermind behind the debunked and now possibly criminal Planned Parenthood videos, got slapped with a federal lawsuit [PDF] by Planned Parenthood this Thursday in San Francisco.

The lawsuit includes compensatory and punitive damages for what Planned Parenthood has suffered since the video release, as well as attorney fees. Beth Parker, a Planned Parenthood lawyer, did not comment on how much money would be sought but indicated that the amount would include extra money spent since the release of the videos for increased clinic security.

Daleiden and his organization, the Center For Medical Progress, are responsible for publishing completely fake videos that suggest Planned Parenthood illegally sells fetal body parts for cash. The videos provided a mountain of fodder for Republican outrage in 2015, resulting in wasted hearings, time, and money. There have also been some accusations that the videos causing increased violence at Planned Parenthood clinics, and a mass shooting.

The lawsuit accused the Center For Medical Progress and a fake company called “Biomax” of violating the RICO Act, committing fraud, invasion of privacy, illegal recording and trespassing. David Daleiden, Troy Newman, and a group of other individuals used forged government ID’s to gain entry to private conferences where they secretly recorded conversations with Planned Parenthood employees. Afterward, the group took the recorded conversations, cut and combined them together out of context with fake footage to make the now infamous videos.

David Daleiden was completely unrepentant, calling the lawsuit “frivolous.” In an email he gave the following statement:

My response is: Game on. I look forward to deposing all the CEOs, medical directors, and their co-conspirators who participated in Planned Parenthood’s illegal baby body parts racket.

Source: ABC News

You have to ask the question. Does Daleiden actually believe what he made is real or is he being intentionally obstinant at this point? He already was forced to admit that he was lying on live tv. How much deeper in denial can he possibly go?

Daleiden continued on to say that Planned Parenthood is currently under investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Congress, implying that this would reveal some truth about the matter. Currently, Planned Parenthood is under no investigation by any law enforcement agencies. However, Daleiden is now officially unable to say the same thing about both his organization, and himself.

featured image via youtube screen capture