Rand Paul’s Campaign Hits Rock Bottom, He Starts Drinking Alcohol On TV To Cope (VIDEO)

Rand Paul is doing everything he can to try and revive his failing presidential campaign. (Yes, he’s still running. Shocker, we know.) Just recently, Rand Paul went off on the GOP for excluding him from the latest GOP debates to be held coming up later this week. He claims that “he’s within the guidelines for the debate, but still being kept out.”

Now, in an attempt to remain relevant, he accepted The Daily Show‘s invitation to be on their show and just drink away the pain. While it was an attempt to seem funny, you can be sure the joke is ultimately on him. He’s doing this because he has to, not because he wants to. There is a difference. This is a very low point in Rand Paul’s career – there’s no denying that.

The Daily Show set-up highlights that fact by calling his appearance the “Singles Debate.” He basically got up on the stage by himself and stood there, essentially mocking his own campaign. Hey, if you can’t beat em, you might as well make fun of yourself on a popular comedy show in a desperate attempt for votes. Being funny does help sway voters sometimes.

While we must say he went along with the joke really well, and even got in a few points of his own, recent behavior from the campaign has taken on a very depressing tone. Here’s a tweet from Paul, practically begging for donations from his supporters:

“If you are frustrated or angry with the media tonight, show them we are a top tier campaign by donating $10 here: http://cash.me/$RandPaul.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if Senator Paul took some of that whiskey home with him after the show. He’s going to need it on debate night when he realizes he’s in over his head, and all his tactics to talk his way back on the main stage have failed him.

Featured image via screen capture