Black Poet Slams Republican Racism

Meet Theo E. J. Wilson, described on his website as an award-winning “spoken word artist, pianist, actor, singer, rapper, dancer, and activist.” Wilson also regularly posts short videos on his Facebook page, and his last one expertly dissected the success of Donald Trump as the Republican front runner.

In case you’ve been asleep for the past several months, Trump has baffled the Very Serious People of the Beltway Media with his rise to conservative stardom. They still can’t figure out WHY a crude loudmouth racist is so popular among conservative voters. Wilson explains it in very simple terms in a video dealing wit the fall of integration:

“We’ve been trying to tell y’all for a long time that there is an element in white society that’s just tired of “playing nice.” They’re sick of being politically correct and having to watch their mouths even though this is the first time in 500 years white folks have had to watch their mouths. It’s the first time in 500 years white folks couldn’t kill you without consequence, well; they can if you’re a police officer but that’s besides the point. They don’t want Affirmative Action no more. They feel like they’ve been losing the country and this is the guy that’s gonna help them take it back.

Exactly. I’ve been saying the same thing since Trump grabbed the steering wheel of the GOP’s clown car and drove it off a cliff. For the past half century, Republicans have been using racism to appeal to white resentment. During that time, the evils of political correctness forced that racism to become more and more coded. White people were no longer allowed to say “nigger” without consequence. They were no longer allowed to terrorize black communities without facing jail time (unless, as Wilson points out, they’re a cop. Then they can terrorize all they want). This has angered a large part of the white community to the point of derangement.

Right now, there are white people so enraged by the idea of a black man being equal to them, or, heaven forbid, superior to them, that they are openly advocating for incoherent fascism in the form of Donald Trump. Donald Trump, the billionaire, is “one of them” and he’ll save White America from “those people” by deporting, jailing or having his thugs beat up everyone that White Christian Heterosexual Americans are afraid of, which, it turns out, is everyone not a white Christian heterosexual American.

The Very Serious People of the Beltway Media live in an alternate universe where the conservative movement is not at all racist. In this universe, a person like Donald Trump is some bizarre outlier instead of the natural conclusion to the racism at the very core of conservative politics. Even worse, the Very Serious People that are not deluding themselves about the racism of the American Right Wing won’t speak out because they’re too afraid of being labeled as a “liberal.” Edward R. Murrow is rolling in his grave.

The rest of Wilson’s video is well worth the watch as it deals with the hows and whys of the total failure of school and social integration/desegregation (and why they’re not the same thing at all).

Here’s the video and enjoy your moment of enlightenment:

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Posted by Theo Wilson on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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